War Thunder price drop announced

Even though War Thunder is a free to play title – and one of the best ones out there too!, players can of course opt to buy a “Premium Pack” which will give them a range of in game boosts. The price of the premium pack is now at a new low offering a huge maximum saving of some 79% – not bad! Beware though, the price for a twenty four hour or seven day premium pack has actually increased. Still, fear not as you can always just sign up and play the game for free anyway!

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traumadisaster2611d ago

Always heard a lot of criticism of the developers choices in charging. I will at least try it out now and see what the prices are like now it's discounted.

It's been sitting on my hd on Steam foe awhile now and didn't load when I initially tried it a couple years ago.

dumahim2611d ago

It's a fun enough game, but I got bored with it after a couple of weeks because it was mainly the same thing over and over again. The maps didn't really do much to mix things up since most of the action is in the air anyway.