500MB Limit for PS3 Downloads

John Hight with Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica says that the maximum size of PS3 game downloads will be 10 times that of Xbox Live Arcade games.

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eques judicii4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

as to how this is a good thing... i like my arcade downloads quick... and i really like simply being able to unlock my demos... these should not be long drawn out games with many many levels and branching story lines... just simple, fast, casual games... this is why i actually like the 50MB limit... keeps the games in the realm of pickup and play.

plus... more space "could" mean longer and more expensive development which would increase the price of the game...

Capt CHAOS4341d ago

If it's > 50 mb, it's usally a free demo (cool).

Anything shorter than 100mb, I'll pay for and it's cheap to download.


THey need to start talking about how DRM on the 360 sucks, like if you lose your HD and have just bought a load of 360 arcade games, even a month of owning the 360, how you are totally stuffed..

(I know as it happened to me and 5 hours cumulative on the phone, I gave up talking to MS).

TOM4341d ago

If you would have acually called you would have found out that there was no need to call.Once you buy the game its yours,just go to the download page and download it again to the new drive.there will be no charge ....silly

Capt CHAOS4341d ago

Wrong.. Once you buy a game, it's playable by ANYONE on that console and everyone can use their online accounts to unlock personal achievements.

On another console, they have to play using your online account. That's how the game is unlocked. If you lose the game, you can re-download it but the system doesn't see it as the original download so every person can't use their own online accounts to unlock personal achievements.

In a family environment, it's a big thing as I often (used to) compete with the kids on many of the arcade games and that made it fun..

MicroGamer4341d ago

The DOA4 demo from live and that was ridiculously long on a cable modem. Nobody will ever want to download long files until internet connections become faster and cheaper.

TheMART4341d ago

Huh? Overhere in The Netherlands we have 20 Mbit lines for 25 Euro's. Or 6 Mbit for 15 Euro.

Fast enough for me

MicroGamer4341d ago

behind the rest of the world in fast, cheap internet access. There is a proposal floating around now that would provide free broadband for all and be paid for by the government, but it is slow getting off the ground. Nobody in Washington seems to feel that we need fast, free internet here.

ChickeyCantor4341d ago

juist ja!

i have 8 mb( thats 1 mb/sec/1000kb/sec) and its fast nuff.

soccerstar4341d ago

i dont want free broadband because i already have it and all it means to my family is more taxes and we already pay a $hitload a year

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DJ4341d ago

Kudos to them.

Capt Chaos brings up a good point. I think Sony should have their servers keep track of what each account has purchased so that if anything happens to your hard drive or files, you can just re-download it for free (with a limit on how many times, of course).

eques judicii4341d ago

does track your purchases so that you can download it as many times as you want (if accidently/purposely deleted)

Siesser4341d ago

They've already stated you can download games onto up to five systems, which would imply that they keep track of your purchases.

DJ4341d ago

like iTunes music files. Sony doesn't actually track it (at least I don't think they do). I didn't realize Microsoft did the re-download feature already. Thanks, Eques.

TheBeginningOfTheEnd4341d ago

i dont think that such HUGE games as galaga or defender can fit in 50 mb. i mean, they are HUGE, with big ass levels and killer detail. the next generation is actually in xbox live arcade! (note the sarcasm)

FordGTGuy4341d ago

MS has the best compression software then any company in the world.

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