Bungie Weekly Update: 6/27/08

In this update, Bungie talks about Bungie Day, provides weapon and equipment placement for the new map Cold Storage, and discusses Matchmaking updates.

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Shroomy3768d ago

48 Hour Special playlist and a free download for Cold Storage?

Bring it on!

Xi3768d ago

bungie, bioware, blizzard

my favorite 3 developers, none have ever made a bad game.

Xi3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

that's why, the first of the Myth series, The Fallen Lords was very acclaimed for its time, Myth II followed with larger sale success and popularity.

Myth: The Fallen Lords, 1997

* PC Gamer Best Real Time Strategy Game of the Year
* Computer Gaming World Strategy Game of the Year
* Computer Games Strategy Plus Game of the Year
* Macworld Magazine Game of the Year
* GameSpot have included the Myth series in the "Greatest Games of All Time" hall of fame.
* Myth I was listed in the Best of 1997 and Myth II in 98 at Games

sure did suck. (also myth 3 was not done by bungie)

the other being oni? Which was not only incomplete, it was still revolutionary in blending weapon and melee combat in an action game. and still managed to pick up an e3 award

E3 1999 Game Critics Awards: Best Action/Adventure Game

sorry, but bungie has never made a bad game, and have made some of the most revolutionary games ever and some of the most copied game designs (just look at what marathon did first, everything from including the first ingame editor, to dual wielding, to having mission objectives all firsts done by bungie)