1UP: Diablo III First-Look 'Classes' Preview

In lead designer Jay Wilson's gameplay demonstration, the first playable class shown was the returning Barbarian. Pretty much everything you remember from the Barbarian remains: a lightly clothed melee badass who can wield two weapons at once. He still spins around with his weapons for the whirlwind attack, and he can still jump up and land with the mighty ground stomp. He remains the most immediately accessible character class. Blizzard Senior Vice President of Game Design Rob Pardo admits that the Barbarian is their way of showing the newness of Diablo III through the familiar lens of a Diablo II character class.

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hazeblaze3789d ago

Wow,that was my first time watching it to the end... the co-op and boss battle were awesome. I might buy a new laptop to run this and The Witcher maxed out.

Old Snake3789d ago

As long as it doesn't take a high end pc to run it, looks fantastic so far.

Gandhi Man3789d ago

I am so sick of seeing the nonstop minute by minute bullshit information about MGS4 and GTA4. Reviews and comments from everybody's nephew's cousin's sister's aunt's brother's mother's father's..... Who gives a fluck!!

However, now I have to deal with all the Diablo ramblings.

Whatever, I am sick of it.