An Exotic Video Showcasing Free PS4 Games For PS Plus Subscribers for Dec 2014 & Jan 2015

With just a few days to go for this months end, Sony has already let the world know about the list of games that will be available for all the PlayStation Plus Subscribers for December 2014 and January 2015.

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2pacalypsenow2051d ago

good i was just about to buy first light now i dont have to

NegativeCreep4272051d ago

And now I have another reason to buy Infamous SS for only $20 on Black Friday.

Gazondaily2051d ago

Is First Light standalone or do I need Infamous:SS for it?

Ron_Danger2051d ago

Stand alone... And it's pretty big for what was originally a $15 (or $20 I don't remember when I bought it) download.

Plus it has a full trophy set with a platinum if that's also something you're into.

Gazondaily2051d ago

Damn nice! Will deffo give it a try

chiefpeak3602051d ago

It almost seems like PlayStation plus is giving up on us ps3 owners? The quality needs to be improved greatly!

chiefpeak3602051d ago

Hope not. Cannot wait to get a ps4 mind! It's on my list to santa/wife ;)

WitWolfy2051d ago

Dammit, now I totally hate myself for buying First light.

boing12051d ago

Yeah, same here :/ I was expecting this on PSPlus at some point, just not so soon.

WitWolfy2051d ago

Oh wel.. Win some lose some, I guess?

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