Gamervision Retro Review: Final Fantasy X

Gamervision reports:

''This week's Throwback article is pretty different for a couple of reasons. First of all, I've never reviewed a game from the PS2 era for my weekly old-school reviews, as most of them just don't seem old enough to warrant any kind of true nostalgia. However, we are so far into the next generation of gaming that publishers are started to talk about the next next-gen, so I think it's safe to say that last-gen games are now on the table. Also, despite being an unrelenting fan of the Final Fantasy series, I've never reviewed a game from the franchise before. Consider it a warm-up for when Final Fantasy XIII comes out (sometime in the next decade or so).

Before this month, I had actually only played through Final Fantasy X once. When it originally came out in late 2001, I had just moved away for college and left the PS2 behind at my parents' house. I had no money, so buying another one, or this game, was not an option. I finally played through it four years ago, and absolutely loved it. Last week, I was suddenly struck with the urge to play again, and I haven't stopped since.''

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Marcello3816d ago

This game was the last great Square RPG, unfortunatly XI was a poor MMORPG attempt & XII was for me more a hack`n slash then a good turn based RPG. That fighting system worked great in the great Vagrant Story but FF should have stayed turn based.

This RPG is my 2nd favourite, FF7 is my No.1 :P

LeSouteneur3816d ago

FF7 is still my top favorite RPG even after playing VIII, IX, X, and XII. Watch as I get disagrees just for saying this.

Charlie26883816d ago

I loved X its my favorite FF from the new ones I specially liked the story and all the brutal and unexpect twists it got specially the ending, oh boy that was like a dagger to the heart T.T

fanboi hater3816d ago

it is definitely one of my favorite rpgs of all time

Yoma3816d ago

Yeah, almost everything was perfect.

The characters awesome, Blitzball fun, story SUPER-B! and the fighting style :)

Tawnokoi3816d ago

I personally enjoyed FFXII a lot, but to each his own.

As it happens, I just started playing FFX again recently, from the beginning. It's a great RPG, especially when you get done with the linear part of the story and are free to explore all the places you've been before. Plus, it still looks great seven years later!

Alvadr3815d ago

Best game ever! Have so meny happy memories of playing this. Still think Rikku is so hot! haha

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theusedfake3816d ago

some fond memories of this game, it's one of the
greats in the genre imo. I had to toughen up at the end of the
game though... so sad, lol

heyheyhey3816d ago

10/10 for me

best RPG i've ever played

Dpa3816d ago

Ive still never finished this thanks to the massive difficulty spike after the flying boss on the airship! Played to yunalesca twice though.

Kassanova073816d ago

How awesome was the SIN concept? Sin was my second favorite nemesis, next to sephiroth.

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