Wii sells 600,000 in one week! Zelda attach rate is 75%

Nintendo's new Wii video game system sold through to more than 600,000 consumers in the Americas in just its first eight days of availability. That's a rate of nearly one per second continuously since the November 19 launch!

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, a favorite of avid gamers, already has achieved sales of more than 454,000 units in the Americas.

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Tut4345d ago

I bought two copies of Zelda! One for my friend as an early Christmas present and one for myself! Woo!

MicroGamer4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

of Wii buyers bought an additional game?? I would have thought more than that would have at least bought Zelda. Call of Duty 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and believe it or not, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy all looked like winners to me. And how can you go wrong with a Madden game in your launch lineup?

I guess that's good, though, it shows the ebayers stayed away on launch day.

calderra4345d ago

No, ZELDA had an attach rate of 75%. Only Zelda.

ChickeyCantor4345d ago

i guess the other 25 were those people who just wanted Wii sports. or bought it as a present for the young ones/whole family

big_tim4345d ago

bought it to sell on ebay. Zelda is the game to have for Wii. Its the only game that is appealing to me out of the launch besides the freebie.

PS360WII4345d ago

And yes I did buy Zelda, but also I got Rayman Raving Rabbids which is an awesome multi-mini games (which I do belive will eventually end up multiplatform so check it out sometime if no Wii around) Red Steel is a decent fps control is pretty good just need to stay focused, Madden 07 which I like. This game they did a whole lot to it for controls and handles very nicely. It's a nice new way to play Madden. Exicte Truck is sweet controls are a bit squirrley but I think they were going for that cuz you get points for crashes and driftings and all that. Also i did get Dragonball Z (love the fighting ones) this game has 120 characters... fighting is alright but the power moves you can do are sweet cuz you play them out. Shake the numchuck and move forward with the remote stuff. You can do the kamahama wave just like goku does too ^^
I do want to get Trauma Center for it because that looks pretty cool doing surgury and stiching them up, and Metal Slug comes out really soon too.

I do say Nintendo Wii is just about having fun

death monk4345d ago

Thanks to the Best Buy employee going on about warranties and reward zone cards he mistakenly didn't scan in Zelda after removing the security device. My friend that was with me just kept saying outside, "let's get out of here before they catch on!" So I got a $50 game for free. No complaints here.

BlankZero4344d ago

So whatever the current tally for Zelda sales is, we should add 1. Congratulations on your purchase, big spender!