Sony has “High Hopes” that PS4 Will Have a Longer Life Cycle than PS3, Unsure if it’ll Beat PS2

If you’re wondering how long the PS4 will manage to last on the market, Sony Computer Entertainment is considering the same question. During the Investor Relations Day being held in Tokyo Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House gave an explicitly conservative estimate.

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qwerty6762051d ago

not with those specs lol.

PS4isKing_822051d ago

PS2 was sold for 13 years, sold over 155 million worldwide, and had the largest console library in history, yet was also the weakest of its generation.

With the way ps4 is selling and it's massive popularity, it has all the makings of a second ps2. Not to mention Sony used off the shelf parts to keep costs low, which means they can much more easily afford to drop the price much quicker than the ps3.

PS4 will be around for a very long time.

WitWolfy2051d ago

"...and had the largest console library in history"

This made me lol

The Nintendo NES system says hi!

Get you facts right fanboy.

Rimeskeem2051d ago


According to Wikipedia

Ps2 has around 3,700

NES has around 870

Maybe you should search things up before you make comments like that

bouzebbal2051d ago

PS4 is selling like a beast, but PS2 will still be king of consoles in the end.
now we are hoping that Sony and other publishers bring back IPs from PS2 days before we start comparing these 2. Right now PS4 is far different from PS2, just comparing line up of games.
I really like PS3. Started slowly and it ended gun blazing..

mark3214uk2051d ago

i hope both consoles have a shorter life i dont mind investing every few years for a better console but maybe as long as it it backward compatible

i seemed to be buying a new £500 phone once or twice a year now

Relientk772051d ago

The PS4 is the new PS2, it will definitely outlast the PS3.

Imalwaysright2051d ago

It'll be the new PS2 only if 3rd party devs start making games for it exclusively like they did with the PS2. We all know that's not going to happen.

Spotie2050d ago

It's already happening, just like it happened for the PS3.

TurboGamer2051d ago

1 Year into the new console generation and the devs are already running into CPU bottlenecks. I give this generation 6 years tops.

Rimeskeem2051d ago

That's exactly what happened last gen. then devs like Santa Monica and Naughty Dog showed us true optimization

ravencry2051d ago

because ps3 had cell processor and devs had less knowledge about that language. ps4 has x86(same as pc simple) which has already been perfected. so no more optimization only downgrade(watch as resolution and graphics decrease).

downgrade all you want but this is n4g what do i expect

jhoward5852051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

I think 8-10 years is good because I think most devs haven't got the hang of making open world games.

OculusRift2051d ago

Can we agree to give open world games a rest already? Not every game needs to be an open world one.. And most devs cant even do an open world properly. Don't get me wrong, I love open world games, but I don't like OWG when it serves no purpose or the dev has no idea what the hell they're doing.. examples: (open world, stupid AI and can't enter any buildings.. Open world, can enter a few buildings but inside the buildings you can't do anything and ridiculous AI.. Open world.. World is large just for the sake of being large, story is short and doesn't make any sense(because most development time was spent on the map) (but is pointlessly filled filler known as "loot, side missions and area clearings just for one item) NPCs are only found in clusters, 6 voice actors voicing hundreds of characters..(see TES games esp skyrim and saints row).. Just a few examples

jhoward5852051d ago (Edited 2051d ago )

With the amount of RAM devs have to work with on current gen hardware...they have to get use to making open world games otherwise the huge amount of ram inside current gen hardware is irrelevant.

Volkama2051d ago

@JHoward That would be a massively backwards way to design a game.

Like doing a new Mario platform game as saying "well I have about 12 extra buttons now, so Mario better break dance or something or they will not be relevent".

Fishy Fingers2051d ago

It's all fair and good to extend the cycle, but frankly, they need to release 'next gen' sooner than they did last gen. The hardware in the current systems will be showing its age in 4-5 years(at best).

Imalwaysright2051d ago

In 4 or 5 years 4k will be the standard for PC gaming and some people will most likely have rigs that can push 8k resolution. It will be interesting to see how long this generation is going to last.

Volkama2051d ago

This is true, but not really how execs refer to the life cycle of the console.

A new console can come out, but the PS4 can still have games or even just be sold to facilitate PS Now and video streaming, and that could give it a huge lifecycle despite not being the flagship console any more.

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