Far Cry 4 has a second alternate ending

It's only been out for a matter of days, but Far Cry 4 has already proven itself quite the treasure trove. Before it was released, an easter egg was discovered that was actually an alternate ending. Since then, one of its creators has continued to hint there's another, even more secret ending gamers haven't uncovered.

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XboxOneX2060d ago

I cant wait to pick up this game soon. I am having far 2 much fun at the min on Halo MCC multiplayer though.

optimus2060d ago

What's wrong with his username and how does it have anything to do with the game?

Rachel_Alucard2059d ago


He brought Halo up even though this article has nothing to do with it and his name reeks of brand loyalty.

optimus2057d ago

@ytp... All he said was he is having fun with the master chief collection at the moment so he is in no rush to buy this game. Again, so what if his username is dedicated to 1 brand?? Where is the crime in that? I've seen plenty of usernames dedicated to playstation and wii. Complaining about it only shows where your loyalty lives, but as far as you're concerned there is nothing wrong with that, right?... I swear, you people are ridiculous with your hypocrisy.

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Orbilator2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Fantastic game, I might even do a bit of the story soon lool. Far to much to do and fun to be had