The Greatest Fighting Games of All Time

One of the most popular genres in videogaming, fighting games have been one of those genres that people will clamor for, whether it be solo, online, or in the arcades. Anyone from any skill level can sit down and enjoy a fighting game, whether they be a casual player or a tournament pro.

The fighting game genre is host to some remarkable games that have become timless classics and have even spawned entire franchises and spinoffs that are still being played today. So without further ado let's take a step back in time and look at some of the truly great fighting games of yesterday as well as some of the more memorable ones of modern day.

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pharmd4859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

CLASSIC isnt even the word to describe, these are the games that helped forge my passion for gaming, i still remember the days of waiting in line at the arcade for MK and SF, oh the quarters spent... i forgot how many timeless classics there really were until reading the list!!!!

BIoodmask4859d ago

is best of MK franchise IMO. Second best is Ultimate MK3. I did not like auto-combo sytem in MK3 but run button was a nice addition. Classic MK is all about air juggles and creating your own combos IMO.

pharmd4859d ago

i honestly gotta say MK I simply because it was the beginning, without that foundation to build on the others would have been nothing, but that game set the pace for one of the best fighting series of all time.... i mean, cmon, the pit that was unheard of at the time

kewlkat0074859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

Was I the only one that played "BATTLE ARENA TOSHINDEN"? on the PSX, I love "Mondo" from that game and his Stage music....haha

They also forgot "Art of Fighting".

Very good list..tho I still play all these games on my MAME Machine here and there..

KI, MKII, and Street Fighter, Fatal Fury have always been my favorites.

Some would say MKII was a great Port, well I would too but don't forget "Mortal Kombat Trilogy" was had all the classic characters(N64)

Tekken, Virtual Fighter, Soul Caliber introduced the 3-D fighters.
I would say TEKKEN TAG TOURNY was the best of the series.

Now they all are making a Come-Back...

deeznuts4858d ago

GOAT is SFII Championship Edition.

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DC RID3R4859d ago

almost like a blast from the past! I'd love to see classics like SNK vs Capcom 2, Mark of the Wolves, Art Of Fighting 3 etc...hit XBLA VC or PSN

SmokingMonkey4859d ago

Who is the master?

LOL i love the name BRUCE LEEROY, smoeone should make that their PSN name. good ol' fashioned passive american racism. nothin beats that.

BIoodmask4859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

All these games are timeless classics. I have always been a big fan of the Street Fighter series and the spinoffs. MK 1&2, Killer Instinct 1&2, and Samurai Shodown will always be great.

Capcom and SNK are great producers for fighting titles. Two of my favorites. I can't wait for Killer Instinct 3.

Polluted4859d ago

It's a good list, but come Primal Rage?

SmokingMonkey4859d ago

Street fighter alpha 3 was my favorite
Samurai Shodown is phenominal
but guilty gear has taken 2d fighters to its next gen phase

BLAZBLUE giggidy

Ri0tSquad4859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

I have been playing that game on 360 since it was released. It's the best arcade perfect port of the game on a console. I would even go as far to say that I have playing UMK3 more then any 360 game I own. Easily better then the arcade version itself. It's my favorite game out of the entire Mortal Kombat series & and my favorite fighting game period. I enjoyed Mortal Kombat 2 as well. The fatalities were much better then UMK3's. Lol, I could only beat the game with Shang Tsung, Baraka, or Kitana. The A.I. was super cheap in MK2. UMK3's A.I. was a lot easier but competitive playing (online or local) is what made it so much fun and better then MK2 IMO.

I agree with that whole entire list. Seeing them brings back memories. It's really sad that the only 2D fighter I'm looking forward to is Street Figther II HD Remix.

Atomic4858d ago

all fighting games that feature scanned real life models are complete garbage with awful rigid animation and garish , gaudy aesthetics.
so subsequently ,Mortal Kombat and Killer instinct should be disqualified from the list.
Street fighter II(at the time) and third strike are the finest fighting games with beautiful animations and drawing style.

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