Watch Dogs shifts almost no copies on its Wii U launch

In news that has shocked nobody, GFK has released information on sales numbers for the recent week of Wii U software. Dominating the list is Mario Kart 8 and New Super Mario Bros. U, with Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric squeezing in an unlikely third from unfortunately unknowing parents and grandparents. The biggest reveal from the charts is that Watch Dogs has placed 14th, failing to even make it into the top 10 on its launch week.

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KiwiViper852442d ago

Sad for Nintendo. I know Watch_dogs was released super late, but poor sales don't entice other 3rd party developers to port games to wiiu

Metallox2442d ago

It's not only super late, it was priced at 60 dollars, this is why it flopped so hard.

Tell me, would you pay that price for a regular game that it's already cheaper on 360 and PS3?

KiwiViper852442d ago

If wiiU was my only console, yep.

Mastadope422442d ago

Considering the enhancements then yes I would just like how I do for my PS4...

MRMagoo1232442d ago

The fact that WiiU owners got the game so late they knew what they were missing and chose to miss it, as I would have done but alas I paid for that poop game on ps4.

InTheLab2442d ago

Mass affect 2 on PS3
Bioshock on PS3

Late games for full price is not a WiiU exclusive.

vishmarx2442d ago

and it continues.wii u owners wont buy late 3rd party games and devs wont put effort in then unless wii u owners actually start buying them
the question however is, who loses more?

marloc_x2442d ago

To ANY gamer who has used the phrase,
"Vote With Your Wallets!"

I don't play that shit..

TheGrimReaper00112442d ago

and now at discount on PC, PS4 (and XB1? Not sure about that one)

Aloren2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

"Tell me, would you pay that price for a regular game that it's already cheaper on 360 and PS3?"

Why not ? basically every new game comes out a lot cheaper on PC, that doesn't stop people from buying them on consoles.

And it's almost always like that anyway : the last of us PS4, GTA 5 xboxone and ps4; Halo CE Gears of War and Dark Souls 1 on PC, Unreal Tournament 3 or Virtua Fighter 5 on 360, Red Alert 3 or as someone mentioned above ME2 or bioshock on PS3...

guitarded772442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

We should also consider that most adult gamers that would be drawn toward a game like Watch Dogs probably own more than one platform, and have probably already played it. Every person I know with a Wii U (including myself) has already played it. Just like we already played Mass Effect and Darksiders. They can't expect a game to come out months later on what is considered an alternate platform to many gamers and sell gangbusters.

EDIT: And this $60 late-launch re-launch pricing has got to stop. Whether it's Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, Injustice, Sleeping Dogs, etc. Gamers need to protest with their wallets. A re-release port shouldn't cost $60 at launch. $40 - $50 was the model last gen. They're just milking the "new hardware" thing. I think it's disrespectful to gamers.

DarXyde2442d ago

I wish Ubisoft would make sense of that, but sadly they'll assume it's just the console. Guarantee they would've sold more if they didn't wait so late.

Oh well. No one with a Wii U (myself included) is even thinking about Watch_Dogs very much right now with Smash and Bayonetta 2 already out.

Angeljuice2442d ago

If they had a fluffy bunny as the main protagonist it would have sold like hotcakes.

It must be embarrassing to own a platform where a turd like Sonic Boom trounces a solid title like watchdogs.

Owners complain about a lack of third party support for their console, then fail to support any third party software.

They get what they deserve!

Army_of_Darkness2442d ago

Watch dogs wiiU should of added Mario and Zelda skins too this game to fool, errr.... Ummm, I mean convince wiiU owners to buy it ;-)

morganfell2442d ago

I will often rebuy a title on other platforms if it has the right enhancements. When I picked up my Wii U I grabbed Arkham and Splinter Cell. But after my experience with Watchdogs on the PS3 and the crap policies of Ubisoft lately, there is no way I am going to disgrace my Wii U with that game. Fool me once...

A lot of people have picked up the Wii U as a second console and do not need another dose of crap from Ubi to learn their lesson. For those who have the Wii U as their main or only console, they would have to have been living under a rock not to have witnessed the issues with Watchdogs and Ubi.

I would say many of them either have chosen not to get the game because of the game itself rather than due to preferences as a Wii U owner. Or possibly with Christmas sales on top of us they are simply being smart by waiting on a price drop. They know if you are going to buy a turd, even a polished one, at least be smart enough to get that stinker as cheap as possible.

vakarian752442d ago

@Angeljuice I'm pretty sure its the people that don't own a Wii U that are complaining about the lack of third party support.

herbs2441d ago

Not to mention it released the same week as Smash :[

NuggetsOfGod2441d ago

If it was $40 think would stiill flop.

JUST enjoy nintendo games mostly. Its over for 3rd party.

UltimateMaster2441d ago

OMG! I'm shocked! not even a little.

BG115792441d ago

WD only sold well the first week after it's releases on every other platforms. The sdcond week after it's release, there were tons of people reselling the game.
The game only sold well the first week because of Ubi's PR bull... I was one of those. Who in their right mind would buy this game now?

WiiUsauce2441d ago

Not only that, but the game was recieved with lukewarm reactions. It wasnt even worth the hype, it was delayed on Nintendo's console, it came out the same time as Smash Bros, dragon age, gta V, ect, it lacks DLC, and Ubisoft tried charging full price.

This should not represent how third party games actually sell, and if anyone takes this as real concrete evidence, then they lack common sense.

BlackWolf122441d ago

You guys can talk Internets all day about how you know so much about marketing and that this doesn't mean anything, but the facts are that the game sold like crap, and all publishers will see this as evidence that games don't sell on the Wii U.

This is a bad thing for the Wii U regardless of bro talk.

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Chupa-Chupa2442d ago

if other 3rd party devs rely on watch dogs wii u sale numbers and use this as a reason to not bring games to the wii u, then they are just as stupid as ubisoft. This game was doomed from the beginning, a 10 year old can tell you that Ubisoft fucked this up. If you don't get it, then you don't understand the business.

fact4game2442d ago

Exactly. You said it better... and these kids who relies on somebody else to buy their games make comments(Oh yeah sorry.. "OPINION") as honorable journalist.
For me, Just finished Bayo1 and starting Bayo2 (Our fav is "God Of War" genre: Hack and Slash) and we loooove it. Kids are jumping into Smash Bros now and having fun. I am liking Bayo 2 as one of the best hack and slash out there so far and waiting for Captain Toad Treasure(Dec'14), DEVILS THIRD, X and ZELDA for 2015. Good Gaming...

badz1492442d ago

I don't think Nintendo only gamers should sound THAT arrogant regarding 3rd party games nowadays. you guys do know that Ubi or other 3rd parties don't really have to release every AAA game they have on Wii U because they make tons of money already by just selling it on the other consoles, right? the Wii U is pretty much an afterthought at this point and following this trend, it won't be long before all 3rd parties leave the Wii U altogether if they aren't already.

sure Nintendo games are great and all but just remember this one thing, no console in history has ever survived the lack of 3rd parties.

NuggetsOfGod2441d ago

How many 3rd party games sold over 500,000 on wiiu?

Cod and rockstar dont need wiiu obviously.

N4g_null2441d ago

I call bs badz149. The only ones arrogant here are ubisoft for believing we were all stupid enough to be this game after if was hated by everyone who bought it. I'm glad shovel knight is out selling them. It serves them right and if you work for them you should be ashamed.

If a game is good then we buy. Wtf is up with this entitlement crap? The wiiu is a goldmine for any self respecting development studio who knows they make great games.

badz1492441d ago


gold mine? sure...because Wonderful 101 and Bayo2 sold millions of copies, right? /s

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NuggetsOfGod2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

True.. but to be far wiiU hardware is just as garbage. Wont run games like the witcher 3. Can't wait for that!!

Open to any proof that wiiu can handle a game like I famous..

N4g_null2441d ago

It seems the bigger story is it actually looks on par with the ps4 version, so does that make the ps4 garbage also? Well if only the Witcher guys tried to port it. I'm pretty sure it would run on the wiiu. Hey but they won't so you will never know since you can only go off pr.

cocadaking2441d ago

@nuggets PS4 and Xbox One could easily run the New Zelda, Smash, Bayonetta, MK8...but, you know, won't ever happen!

jspsc1232441d ago

@scissor_runner Are you stupid? Do you understand my comment? I said watch dogs was garbage not the wii u version, every version. What does that have to do with the ps4, or who ported it?

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JsonHenry2442d ago

And it got mediocre reviews at best on other platforms. Its not like Uncharted or Halo made its debut on the WiiU and flopped. This is a flop of a game flopping.

TheJacksonRGN2442d ago

A game is considered a flop if it fails to sell, that has nothing to do with reviews. As for "mediocre reviews at best" WD has a good overall score because it got mostly good reviews and scores.

he game also sold around 9 million copies at this point.

This isn't a "flop of a game flopping", this is best selling game flopping on one platform.

starchild2442d ago

Huh? Let's not reinvent history now. Watch Dogs has an 80 on metacritic and sold very well.

dennett3162441d ago

@TheJackson and starchild, please don't confuse quantity with quality. Watch Dogs is your typical Ubisoft open world game, no more, no less. It got some over-inflated scores from the usual sites who see the words "open world" and "huge marketing budget", and the game gets an automatic 8 out of 10.

User opinion is much more divided, for many it's a game that does nothing really badly, but not much really well either. Bland, repetitive, characterless, thoroughly outshone by the likes of Sleeping Dogs and GTA 5. It's manufactured hype....and that's about it.

History has proved only that marketing works, and Ubisoft successfully marketed a mediocre game that recycled more than a little from it's own Assassin's Creed series. That doesn't make it quality, or deserving of just means that bland formula still has legs in the market for people after a safe, AAA game that they're familiar with.

Wii U owners were made to wait a long time, and the console is home to a lot of high quality titles that, frankly, embarrass Watch Dogs in terms of gameplay, quality and polish. The mainstream that made up the bulk of those 9 million sales don't care about high quality, they care about slick marketing and safe games that don't challenge them too much. Watch Dogs fits that bill perfectly.

gangsta_red2441d ago

I agree with Dennett316, after the hype for Watch_Dogs died down people seriously saw a mediocre game that was pretty much all hype.

And more than likely WiiU owners got this game for 360/PS3. To release this game at this time made absolutely no sense. It was a bad business decision on Ubi.

I just hope Ubi doesn't see this as a "See, we tried" type of maneuver and decide not to support the WiiU because of lack of sales.

Shadowstar2441d ago

Unfortunately, third parties probably are going to assume it's the WiiU rather than the crappy game that was Watchdogs. I sold mine the week after I got it. So bland, so not what I wanted. A bad GTA clone with an extra minigame mechanic that didn't work very well...

deafdani2441d ago

As per Metacritic:

PC version = 77
PS4 version = 80
Xbox One version = 78

Those scores are hardly "mediocre". People discredit Watch Dogs way too much just because it wasn't the second coming of Christ like everyone hoped it would be. Of course, that was also Ubisoft's fault, who hyped this game to hell and back, it was ridiculous.

The same could be said about a lot of game releases this year that were actually good games, but people were expecting them to be the best games ever made, so now they love to trash talk them. Destiny, TItanfall, Assassin's Creed Unity, Driveclub. What's next?


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Segata2442d ago

Super late. Ubi said they no longer cared about Wii U months before hand and said Watchdogs be the last game they release not named dance something. Then release no screenshots 2 days before release then release it same week as smash. It's Ubi's fault. Even if it was not released same week as smash Ubi said they already gave up so part of it is many gamers felt no point in supporting it.

gpturbo812441d ago

not just smash, there was like 10 games that released last week.

Fireseed2442d ago

That or because Watch Dogs was a god awful... but ya know... whatever.

AngelicIceDiamond2442d ago

@Viper Sad for Nintendo? Lol hardly the game wasn't that great anyway.

WD was one of the most hyped games of this year in fact that game was widely hyped for 2 whole years after the reveal at E3 2012.

Nintendo fans are busy playing SSB. And not thinking twice about this unpromising game.

3-4-52442d ago

Watchdogs isn't a system seller, it's a game you buy once you've bought a bunch of other games and need something else to play.

* Doesn't help it already had a bad rep heading into release.

* Everybody with a Wii U is playing Smash Brothers & Mario Kart 8 right now.....

Captain Toad is out Dec.5th and then there is a nice gap where this game could sell a few units.

Sathur2441d ago

Can I just say that here in the UK Smash Bros is not released yet. And when I do pick it up with a few Amiibo characters it will be under the tree for Christmas. Until then I Will play Watch Dogs on WiiU as an alternative to GTA5 which I will never buy.
As a gaming addict I need the latest games...this is a bad time of year for me. I could have picked Watch Dogs up on PS4, but my HD is almost full. Watch Dogs is better suited to WiiU in my opinion.

Date_Um_Sage2441d ago

I saw Watch Dogs for £55, why would i buy that when i could buy lets say wonderful 101 for £20.

Never got into the hype of watch dogs anyway.

truechainz2441d ago

There are plenty of 3rd party games that have sales that would rightfully cause concern for releasing on wii u. This is not one of them. It was clear this game, which I already didn't enjoy on other consoles, was going to be farted out on wii u. No need even paying attention to games that Ubisoft releases in this fashion.

SnakeCQC2441d ago

nintendo fans were probably expecting broken games so they didn't buy it

Sathur2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I walked into GAME with money to burn on Sunday. Wall to Wall Grand Theft Auto and second hand Watch Dogs for PS4 in the corner.
I bought Watch Dogs on WiiU and I will tell you why...
If I bought it on PS4 I would have to install it on my HD (already nearly full) I cant play the game when kids are on telly so off Screen play on WiiU is perfect. And its really a last gen game. On wiiU it looks better than PS3 and Xbox 360.
I like that you can be a good guy and save people from being attacked etc.. In GTA5 you are bad all the time...No moral compass with GTA5
I am more than happy so far. I will never buy GTA5. And Watch Dogs is a good alternative.


Well it was Ubi's own fault, the way they've treated their fans on Nintendo's systems has been pretty crappy. Of course this is all the fans doing, since they don't support the games by buying them, but why should they when everyone knows 3rd party developers have been giving Nintendo players inferior products, late releases, and pricing more expensive than current iterations that are already availabe by the time they release on Nintendo, what did they expect?

showtimefolks2441d ago

I am a ps4 fan but this is no fault of Nintendo wiiu, when you release a game so late on wiiu than charge full price than this kind of stuff will happen. Publishers always say Nintendo him consoles don't sell 3rd party games, yet most of them release year old ports at full prices and expect the game to sell like it sold at original launch

How about releasing major blockbusters at the same time as Xbox one and ps4?

Again I am a ps4 fan but I been a gamer long enough to see all sides and not just the crap publishers try to feed us

gpturbo812441d ago

not only is it full price, you gotta pay another $12 for some half-assed dlc..

u4one2441d ago

personally i think people considering this on the wii had the luxury of seeing this bullet coming for miles and were easily able to dodge it. i do think nintendo needs stronger 3rd party support, however. it seems to be the bulk of content on the other consoles and you can only stuff Mario, Link and Donkey Kong into so many IP's before people start wondering what else is out there. Its a shame. I really wanted the post Wii console to shine, and it probably still could with support.

Old_Prodigy2441d ago

Who could blame them for that shit excuse for a game.

Link2DaFutcha2441d ago

Honestly I'm fine with them just doing exclusive releases. The AAA titles coming out now aren't going to convert well, so why not just focus on making games that fit in with the Wii U, big multiplayer party games, and fun single player experiences that take advantage of the Wii U as a unique system. Releasing a sub par game like Watch_Dogs on a system that it isn't optimized for, and months after it's initial release isn't going to entice people, so of course it's not going to sell. Surprised this even got released, bad move by Ubisoft, but what's new, right?

N4g_null2441d ago

This was ubisoft chance to redeem themselves to ps4 and xbone owners by fixing their game. Yet they burn every bridge they see like trolls. Yet this is what 9 million copies of a bad game does. It makes you not care.

Welcome European ea to the industry.

protocol102441d ago

Poor games dont entice gamers either. Everyone knew this was going to happen. This is all Ubisofts fault.

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Metallox2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

It's funny to look at the factores that led to this flop.

It was a 6 month delayed port of a regular game, priced at 60 dollars, on a weaker console compared to ONE and PS4, platforms where the game is much cheaper right now.

Ubisoft shouldn't complain after this disaster.

Xorglord2442d ago

And yet, they almost certainly will. When they announce their next game, and it isn't coming to Wii U, they will point to the poor sales of Watch Dogs as their reason.

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to say they intentionally tanked the game so they'd have a good reason to not bring any more to the Wii U.

MsmackyM2442d ago

Watchdogs for Wii U was pretty much a stealth release. Indy games have received more press than this game. There was absolutely nothing showed about the game from Ubisoft almost as if Ubisoft didn't want you to remember they were still releasing the game for the Wii U. Only to make matters worst they released the 3 days ahead of the most anticipated game of the year Smash Bros.

rdgneoz32442d ago

"Watchdogs for Wii U was pretty much a stealth release."

Releasing it around the time AC:U, Far Cry 4, DA:I, and Smash Bros overshadowed what little press the game did receive. If they cut the game to $40 and gave it a little more advertisement, it might have done better. $60 for a 6 month old game that got average reviews (and made WiiU owners feel screwed over to begin with for the delay) was not gonna shift anything.

Snookies122442d ago

What did they expect...? Sucks for the Wii U though, it's certainly not going to give a good impression to other developers. Even though this poor launch was no fault of Nintendo's.

Mastadope422442d ago

It's alot of Nintendo's fault, the Wii U is their console. It's the reason why all these third party predicaments are happening.

Realplaya2442d ago

It's there fault rightttttttttttttttttttt!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2442d ago

So Nintendo fault for a game they own or developed sure bud

Snookies122442d ago

No, it was Ubisoft who couldn't see this port through. They're the ones to blame for this.

wonderfulmonkeyman2442d ago

The console isn't the reason the game tanked, dude.
It tanked because it was poorly handled.

They should have just made Zombi U 2, instead; with the right improvements and some online multiplayer, that might have surpassed the first game's sales of 700K.

randomass1712441d ago

I don't see why Nintendo has to market Ubisoft's game and give it a decent release date. That's Ubisoft's job. Sony does not do Activision's marketing with CoD or Ubisoft's job with AC:U. :/