PlayStation Store Preview – November 25, 2014: Black Friday

PSLS: It’s Thanksgiving week, and with it, comes Black Friday. This means that all of the year’s biggest releases are already on store shelves waiting for eager shoppers. As such, this week’s update features more digital content than retail. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of new stuff to be thankful for.

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ftwrthtx3236d ago

Time for a new gaming PC from TigerDirect. My PS4 is already overloaded. LOL

Maxor3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

TigerDirect!? The master race usually build their own...that is unless it's a laptop.

Rhaigun3236d ago

What do you think Tiger Direct is?

ftwrthtx3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

TigerDirect sells barebones systems pretty cheap that you have to assemble yourself. Decent i5 4690 running around $500 right now. I love my PS4, but with Black Friday deals and the low prices coming up, time to delve into that world as well.

XboxOneX3235d ago

I recommend getting an Xbox One as well. Halo MCC is really amazing.

ftwrthtx3235d ago

I have too many console games between the PS3 and PS4 already. Wouldn't have time for the Xbox One.

Rmx2123236d ago

Guilty gear Xrd finally I've been waiting to get a feel for this demo for like ever finallyy! !!!!!

Gooch_suplex_Hold3236d ago

I've played the JP demo. it's awesome.

Jubez1873236d ago

I'm mildly interested in pocket RPG. anyone played it before? I know it was on mobile

Maxor3236d ago

I don't see anything worthwhile for the PS4...which is typical. Sony need to do better job with their promos because most of the time their PS4 "sales" are a joke.

Spotie3236d ago

Compared to what? Not like there's a large sample size of first year PS+ type sales to compare to, so I can't help but wonder what you think is better.

Keep in mind, before you mention the PS3 or 360, that last gen consoles had 5+ years of library to draw upon.

N4GIsTheWorst3235d ago

What about the Xbox One? They have tonssss of games on sale for Black Friday digitally...

pinoytutorial.com/techtorial/ microsoft-xbox-one-black-friday -leaked-until-cyber-monday-1128 -121/

and www.xbox.com/en-us/black-frida y/xbox-one-games

Sony has been a joke with their sales. Blame Xbox for that though. Because of their rocky start it gives Sony the right to rip off all their customers haha.

Maxor3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Steam, or even Origin are vastly superior superior digital services in comparison. Dragon Age Origin can be had for $45 and that game is barely two weeks old! I know they're on different platforms but it's not impossible to create sale traffic when you own the store front and the exclusive IPs. Don't tell me something can't be discounted in regards to games like Knack and Killzone. I want to support Sony on the digital front but with "sales" like this it's hard to do so when they're not even trying.

LordMaim3235d ago

I'm assuming you meant Dragon Age Inquisition, rather than Dragon Age Origin which came out in 2009.