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It sounds like a tall order, even for a big developer, to produce a game that could take over 5 billion years to discover everything, but even more so when you learn that UK based Hello Games only has 10 members of staff working on the title (it started as a 4 person project!). That’s a producer, a designer, 4 artists and 4 programmers. That’s pretty jaw-dropping, don’t you think? Before No Man’s Sky, Hello Games worked on the Joe Danger series, which consisted of several iterations of a clever and well-made 2.5D bike platformer, with the first two entries receiving rave reviews.

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Playdor2051d ago

Really looking forward to playing this game.

mediate-this2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Mark my words! This game will be a let down. It's going to be like a elders scroll game but ten times worse, procedural??

It's going to be fun then after a few hours it's going to repetitive. If people got bored of destiny surely they will get bored of this game faster

Orbilator2050d ago

well what a comment from someone who has never played the game or know really anything about it.
Some would argue that Elite, Elite 2:frontiers, EVE online and any other combat / space exploration game will be repetitive.
The truth is they were not and had millions of fans all over the world who still love/play them. I love ever one of those game to and at no time did I find them repetitive/boring.
People like you are the worst on the net, writing something off before we even know anything about it.
FPS games are the most repetitive games on the planet yet, everyone still enjoys new versions of the big franchises.

I think we just need to sit on the fence re No Man Sky till we get some serious gameplay to look at before we can even look at making a comment about it

mediate-this2050d ago

Fps is a way to make your game, just like tps, over the top etc.

The story and actions make it repetitive not the view of the game. If the story is amazing with great game play how can it be bad.

No man's sky by definition is a fps, so by your logic it will suck?

I'm saying with all the hype and let down this Gen just be careful because I guarantee you will be the main complainer of this game.

I guarantee the game will be great for three hours or maybe a few days then you will have done everything, and then there will be talks of how no man's sky failed on promises.

I don't want a game to fail, but it's way to ambitious for its own good. They are saying it will take 5 billion years to beat. That procedural tho

Clown_Syndr0me2050d ago

Kudos for actually saying what you think.
I don't see the fuss here at all, it looks interesting but boring. I'll wait and see but I'm certainly not going to get hyped.

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