Super Smash Bros Actually Comes with Instructions

Technology Tell writes, "We’re in a digital age, which is a wonderful thing, but that also means we give up on some of the little things. Like, say, instruction books, since most developers and publishers instead offer a digital booklet on the disc or official website. Which is why I was so surprised to see Super Smash Bros actually comes with a real instruction book."

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RosweeSon2055d ago

This is fantastic if only more games kept some form of an instruction manual, it's not like I read them but do I read all the endless health and safety guff that comes with it, no! And they print that stuff everytime, even nintendo who had one of the best manuals stopped doing them but hey ho. It's a digital age, still love a good collection tho.

MNGamer-N2054d ago

Must be a heavy case with that thick of a manual.