IGN: StarCraft II Impressions

None of the hundreds of gamers playing Starcraft II look in any way confused by it. Sure, this is a roomful of Blizzard fans - half of these guys have grown up with Starcraft. Nevertheless, to see not a single furrowed brow as a vast number of folk play a new game for the first time is an extraordinary thing. 'Starcraft' has become a by-word for 'hardcore', but what we keep forgetting is that, for all the pro-gaming trappings, this is a Blizzard game. Accessibility is all - anyone can play Starcraft II.

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Bolts3761d ago

A review of Starcraft 2 is totally pointless. Good, bad, or just average half of the population of South Korea will buy this game.

SlyGuy3761d ago

but I am buying this baby!

mr_potato3761d ago

I will never understand this site a news of a pr saying X thing gets 1000 heat but this gets only 90.

Thugbot1873761d ago

I'm buying this game. Starcraft II is up against many other great RTS. C&C, WarHammers 40K, AOE, Civ, Supreme Commander and many others. At this point they have to be up to the standard of the others, if they want to be taken seriously by RTS gamers. I see this game as being another killer RTS to sink my Teeth in.

Thugbot version ready for combat.

mr_potato3761d ago

Are u crazy SC not being taken seriously by gamers.

It is the most played game at e sport and the most strategic and balanced rts out right now.

thehitman3761d ago

PC gaming will pause in the wake of sc2. I hope blizzard has enough servers to hold it upon release.