Sony pulls PlayStation Vita ad filled with sexual innuendos from YouTube

Sony published a new ad for its PlayStation Vita on its European PlayStation YouTube channel on Friday, but shortly after, set the video to private once its existence was expectedly criticized due to it being filled to the brim with sexual innuendos.

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ThunderPulse2059d ago

LOL Sony likes to make jokes.

CocoWolfie2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

they just emailed me about an lbp foursome B) hell im in

EDIT: oh wait nevermind i just saw the word foursome and thought XD

marloc_x2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Missed opportunity Sony. You KNOW that a different demographic needs to start buying Vita this holiday..

I liked it though :)

bouzebbal2059d ago

worst ad i've ever seen. good they pulled this shit out

bouzebbal2059d ago

worst ad i've ever seen. good they pulled this out

FriedGoat2058d ago

Sure you didn't pull it out?

PONTIAC08G8GT2058d ago

I like how she picks it up and presses all the buttons at once, like the person who has no clue how to play fighting games and mashes every button imaginable.

Funny ad, but not sure that's going to move systems lol

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theDivision2059d ago

Call of duty did an add almost exactly like this didn't they? Just had a grandpa saying all that stuff.

Blaze9292059d ago

about those games dooooe!....

MEsoJD2059d ago

I don't see the big deal.

cannon88002059d ago


You want to get women pregnant? I want to send you to the hospital.

SegaGamer2058d ago

Nobody see's the big deal, it's just the attention seekers that will moan. Screw em i say.

user56695102059d ago Show
OB1Biker2059d ago

IMO most ads are bad so I dont see why people were so critical about this one (which made me and I guess many others smile). At least Vita is not ignored (even if they d better focus on it as a handheld and remote play as a +)

pixelsword2059d ago

After that "penis-thumb" ad Sony made, I can't see anything else worse than that. :)

Muzikguy2059d ago

That does it, I need a Vita!!

mmcglasson2058d ago

I enjoyed the add. I'm not sure if Sony should have taken it down or not.

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Lionalliance2059d ago

Who thought this was a good idea?!

MazzingerZ2059d ago

It was meant for Europe, I don't see the big problem, at least not in Scandinavia, nudity is natural and shown on TV daytime, PS Vita is for rather mature gamers so I think it's a cool ad.

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xer02059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

I don't see a problem either.

Anything slightly controversial, gets media coverage and gets people talking.

voodoochild3462059d ago


Learn what sexism is before throwing that word around trying to be accepted...


"PS Vita is for rather mature gamers" LOL ok

Reaon2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

"I don't care if your handheld is a great device, your commercial is sexist and ostracizing!"

gokuking2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

"PS Vita is for rather mature gamers so I think it's a cool ad."

SCEE, the same division of Sony that ran this
"controversial" ad, doesn't think so their regular campaigns:

Ads targeted at kids are the only Vita native (not a PS4 peripheral) commercials they run.

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Gh05t2059d ago

Its crude, uses sexual humor, and has a very attractive woman in it.

Oh sorry you asked what was wrong with it... Nothing... nothing is wrong with it. Something is wrong with people who feel the need to shut down anything they seem to disagree with.

Pretty soon every ad featuring a woman will have to have a disclaimer at the bottom *No female was harmed or forced in the making of this advertisement.

People need to live and let live already.

Dee_912059d ago

Some people find crude humor tasteless.. doesn't make them wrong its just their opinion.However trying to get this ad pulled is a bit much.

Drekken2059d ago

The PC crybabies have to ruin anything slightly offensive. Sony could have released a montage of head being blown off and that would have been fine... anything sexual is taboo. Lame-Os.

SilentNegotiator2059d ago

Everyone other than feminists and white knights?

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gangsta_red2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

This commercial actually made me want a PS Vita ;)

That woman was ridiculously hot...was that sexist?

DragoonsScaleLegends2059d ago

Yes because thinking someone is hot is of course sexist...

PoSTedUP2059d ago

yes. now to write an artcle on your outlandishly inappropriate boy-ish behavior. to the cat cave!

Beetey2059d ago

In today's society it appears that men finding women attractive or women acting sexy is "misogynistic," despite the opposite obviously being true. I'm disappointed to see Sony conforming to the wants of these feminist lunatics who are more concerned with making everyone exactly the same than actually addressing some of the real problems that exist in our world.

Dee_912059d ago

"I'm disappointed to see Sony conforming to the wants of these feminist lunatics"
Wait what ? They made the ad.. they (people who made this ad)obviously believe the whole modern day misogynist/ sexist bullcrap is bullcrap considering they actually made an ad like this.They pulled it because they didn't feel like listening to all the sensitives, not because they actually believe or share the same views as the "feminist lunatics".. At least thats how I see it..

Beetey2059d ago

@Dee Odds are good the ad was made by an a advertising company, not Sony.

Also, while I would like to agree with you, I don't buy that they just pulled it because they didn't want to listen to people whine. I mean, wouldn't a bunch of controversy actually make the ad more effective? In my opinion, I really can't see them removing it as anything but conforming to feminist wants. Whether Sony agrees with these feminists really, doesn't matter; what matters is that they allowed these people to influence how they advertise their products.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2059d ago

WOW, you find an attractive woman, attractive? You're so sexist. Why don't you like ugly women or fat women or homeless women? You're a terrible human being.

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PoSTedUP2059d ago

i didnt mind the humor, just thought it was a waste of a potentially good/informative ad.

Me-Time2059d ago

You get the viewer's attention and interest this way. It's funny. It's not even bad publicity. Who would condemn Sony for something like this? There are far crazier ads and commercials around the world like people have said - with nudity even. I thought they pulled the ad for being way too corny or annoying. Damn, was I wrong?

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