Grand Theft Auto V review for PS4, Xbox One - Gaming Age

"Earlier this year there were precisely 3 games on my “must double dip ASAP if they are remastered for next-gen” list: The Last of Us, Journey and Grand Theft Auto V. With two of them now available in all their enhanced 1080p glory, and the third scheduled to launch sometime in the near future, is it really worth it to revisit a game after dumping countless hours into the old-gen game just a short half-generation ago? Well that kind of depends on: 1) how much love a player has for the source material and 2) the effort that a developer puts into “remastering” their titles. In the case of Naughty Dog and Rockstar Games, two developers well-known for putting extra effort into all their releases, the answer is a resounding “yes”. With Grand Theft Auto V for the PS4, Xbox One and soon PC, Rockstar has certainly gone above and beyond what most fans would have expected from a new generation re-release."

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