More than 90 songs now available in Dance Central Spotlight

Neil writes "Harmonix are busy old people and with the addition of some new tracks, the Dance Central Spotlight library has now risen to just over 90 songs."

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Nice game, but some of the dance moves are too feminine, and kind of ruin the experience for me. There is an awkward feeling when you are dancing to a rap song but have to do a girly move in the middle of it.

GearSkiN2055d ago

Agree I dance, and they need more manly moves, doesn't have to be hard hitting.

CYCLEGAMER2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Same has been a problem for a while in this game, and I thought it would change, but I think they still have the same choreograhper, I don't mean this in a harmful way but he seems like feminine guy. I specifically remember trying to do "Drop it like its hot" and being like WTF???

IMO the least they can do is offer a male or female option in the game.

alb18992055d ago

Is there a better game than dance central in consoles?
if your answer is NO, then is a NICE game, in fact, is the best!

ceedubya92055d ago

perfect time to pick this up.

2055d ago