A Cosmological Link Between Worlds: Shamanism and The Legend of Zelda

An insightful piece that connects the concepts of Shamanism with the Legend of Zelda gaming series.

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LegendZelda2050d ago

The number of religious connections within the Zelda series is remarkable. There are so many cultural references within the games.

bcornett142050d ago

What I enjoyed about this article the most is that it was so scholarly. I'm not saying I want to constantly read academic Zelda articles, but this is just a fascinating read and really makes one think about the impact of the game.

Great read!

jgraber2050d ago

I am excited to see and be a part of elevated conversation about Zelda and video games in general. Would love to see more academic video game interpretation and exegesis across the board!

AndrewStrider2050d ago

Great article. I myself like to read about these kinds of spiritual connections, so it was really insightful for me.

Venusleaf2049d ago

Good read. I find this kind of Zelda articles very interesting, it's something different and I even get to learn new things.