Halo: The Master Chief Collection Sells 1.01 Million Units First Week Worldwide

VGChartz writes: "Halo: The Master Chief Collection in its debut week set a record for biggest launch for an Xbox One exclusive, topping the previous record set by Titanfall in March. The game managed to sell 1,093,755 units in its first week, according to VGChartz. This news comes a few days after it was announced the game sold 679,899 units in the US in its first week.

Also in this same week the Xbox One sold 444,674, only behind the PlayStation 4. This weeks sales were enough for the Xbox One lifetime sales to top the Wii U as the second bestselling console in the 8th generation. The Xbox One has sold 7.61 million units lifetime, while the Wii U has sold 7.45 million units.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a compilation of the Halo games that star Master Chief. It includes Halo: CE Anniversary, a remastered version of Halo 2, and Halo 3 and Halo 4. The game was released worldwide on November 11."

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AngelicIceDiamond1521d ago

Congrats to 343i.

Now lets hope that games working soon.

Godz Kastro1521d ago

Congrats, game is awesome. The MP has been fixed for me at least. I've been playing back to back games all weekend.

slate911521d ago

The game is beyond broken. From matchmaking, to custom games, and even campaigns. They released a broken game. Worse than battlefield 4.

u got owned1521d ago

1.01 M, WOW that is a big number for a broken game.

AngelicIceDiamond1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

@Godz Thanks I need to pop my game back in to see if it works for me as well.

Double Toasted1521d ago

This is great and all but we need to support new IPS like this also.

radler1521d ago

I'd actually say that just over 1 million units worldwide is shockingly low for a Halo game. Let's not forget that these games usually sell in the range of what, 15 million or so?

Of course, VGChartz aren't a particularly good judge for sales either way considering they literally guess the numbers, therefore the real sales figures could be higher (or maybe even lower).

If HMCC really has sold roughly 1 million copies however, I expect Phil Spencer and co. will not be pleased, especially with the disastrous launch that the game has had. I fully expect a few people to lose their jobs over this mess.

ABizzel11521d ago

Those are great numbers, but a bit lower than I expected for a Halo game, especially one with all this content.

Paytaa1521d ago

@radler You realize the game has been out for only 2 weeks with a 7M+ install base? It's also a remaster and not a huge release like say Halo 5. Halo 5 will surely push close to the numbers you're spewing.

Cream1520d ago

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Sells 1.01 Million Units First Week Worldwide...

SUCKERS- Me included.

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Bennibop1521d ago Show
gfk3421521d ago

This is purely due to the hype. If people didn't listen to this hype and waited, the sales would have been much much lower.

In this respect, did they take into account the returned/ refunded discs into the sales figures? I know a lot of people returning the game.

Droidbro1521d ago

"I know a lot of people returning the game."
No you don't.

Fanci1520d ago

"all because of the hype"? No way, everyone know what they were getting, mainly because all the games were already out. Multiplayer issues can and will be fixed soon, and who cares anyway when you have some of the best campaigns ever made. Clear troll as very few are returning

1520d ago
DonFreezer1520d ago

I'm seeing a complete bias against Microsoft and Nintendo from all those payed sony reviewers. How can people down vote Smash because of bad online and keep giving 10s to the Last Of Us remaster witch had online problems too.

Why didn't they review The Last Of Us in this manner too like they did with Halo The Master Chief Collection and Smash Wii U?

TheRedButterfly1520d ago

Oh yeah, people were overhyped for a rerelease... They definitely didn't know what they were getting...

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Back-to-Back1521d ago

1m in 1 week basically confirms Halo is a dying brand.

700p1521d ago

most ppl dont buy remasters....

1520d ago
Kavorklestein1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

1 million in on week on a console with less than 10 million units in the wild is actually AMAZING.
I JUST got my copy today and it worked foe me with only one or two long waits to play mulitplayer.

Tell me a PS4 game that has sold 1.1 mil in a week!
I'm not saying there is NONE, but seriously...lemme know if any PS4 game can beat that so far.

For a Remeaster, this is awesome news.
#XboxOneCallOfDutyAdvancedWar fareEdition1TB

Halo2ODST21518d ago

343 is killing it, ever since that god damned Halo 4

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Fanci1520d ago

Are you serious, have you even played the game? Everything works just fine, excellent games. Still a little multiplayer issues but other than that no complaints. Clearly a troll, or no game can satisfy you.

Cream1520d ago

I love my Xbox 1... minus the Windows 8 dash board.

PLEASE NO Hall Pass for the Master Chief Debacle!
We desire more, not less.

Don't defend it because of the console WAR.

TBONEJF1520d ago

lol not even running at 1080P?

Halo2ODST21518d ago

"Congrats to 343i" Why? all they did was re-release 3 of another companies games - while remastering one, and 1 of their own which wasn't as good as the others

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-Foxtrot1521d ago

I got the limited edition all ready for when I get an Xbox One in the far future. I can't wait to play it all the campaigns again.

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DigitalRaptor1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

@ Radler

How does that make no sense?

Of course it makes sense. The key is in the word "limited". Meaning that it will have sold out quick, so I wonder…. What will be more rare to attain in the far future? An Xbox One console, or a limited edition run of the Master Chief Collection?

I know some people who bought the limited First Print edition of Bayonetta 2 without owning the console, because they only made 15,000 of them. Shall I repeat again? Limited editions are limited.

Plus, I can't believe the insecurities I'm seeing. No wonder most of you were marked as trolling. There's nothing "stealth trolling" about Foxtrot's post, but you jumped on him due to your insecurities.

He made 3 points.

1) He's bought a popular Xbone game.
2) He's planning on getting one in the far future.
3) He is praising the campaigns.

Even if you want to believe that the fact he said "in the far future" implies that he's hating in some way, he still proved that he owns the game. And why would a fanboy or a hater do that? You guys are reading into things far too much.

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lifeisgamesok1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Awesome job turning the skulls on make this amazing game even more fun

Keep bringing the games MS

Death1521d ago

It's VGC so it must be true...

ZerobyZero1521d ago

I see what you did there death

No_Limit1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Well, every week there is a weekly chart from them posted here and everyone seems to think they are legit.. So lets go with that ;) . If I am not mistaken, this is the biggest one week launch for any exclusive on any consoles so far. Great work 343i!

But congrat to Xbox owners on a great exclusive. My most played game this year and the online after the patch has greatly improve for me but no doubt it will be more refine soon and get it to where it needs to be as I am sure 343i is working around the clock to get it done.

Death1521d ago

Everyone seems to think they are legit? The only ones that think VGC is legit are the ones that want the numbers to be legit and these people change weekly. The rest of us know VGC makes up their numbers and don't have the capability to sample enough retailers to have a sufficient base point to extract reasonably accurate numbers. NPD employs many more people and sells their data. VGC sells ad space on their website.

No_Limit1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Death, I was being sarcastic. Every sane person knows that vgchartz is just a guesstimate (sometime they can be close and other times they can be off by a mile) but since those worldwide weekly sales posted here are so popular and everybody's posts seems like they are taking them seriously, then they can't say that this Halo MCC first week sale is nothing but "oh, it is only vgchartz and their fake numbers". But knowing N4g, people are known to not care about being hypocrites as long as it fits their agenda.

Death1521d ago

You had me worried for a minute.

ger23961521d ago

How's it incredible? It's Microsoft's flag ship title, which includes 4 halo games, and all the multiplayer maps. And for only $60.

DeadlyOreo1521d ago

You'll get a lot of disagrees man, people don't really like anything negative about Halo. It's not incredible really, it's good, but for Halo it clearly isn't on par with other titles, and nor will Halo 5. Didn't Killzone: Shadow Fall do such numbers in a short timespan? Was that amazing?

NuggetsOfGod1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

The best remake in console history is amazing imo.

Remastered resolution, cutscences, texture, maps and music.
Plus six new halo 2 maps..

I bet if it was uncharted 1,2 & 3 your bowels would move. Even with the lack of any credible multiplayer..

Bet u thing tlou remastered is amazing 1 game for $60.

Area shooters are amazing. Glad in todays world it is still cebrated. Halo 5. Can't wait!!

1520d ago
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