Info and photo on the new Horipad Xbox One wired controller

Check out some info, and a photograph, of the new Horipad Xbox One wired controller.

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Death2055d ago

"Last but not least, you do not have to worry about batteries and recharging since the controller requires a wired connection to the console anyway."

Thank goodness someone finally came up with a solution for not having wires.

Seriously though, I picked up a $29 Energizer docking station for my Xbox One over the weekend. It came with 2 batteries and the slick dock that also holds the controllers. I couldn't be much happier with it and plan on getting another soon. Not a bad option if wires aren't something that excite you.

Kingdomcome2472054d ago

I have the same one, and I love it. Both form and function.

GearSkiN2054d ago

Hope it doesn't feel cheap and hope it feels natural.

csbunk022054d ago

I wonder how these feel compared to the dreaded deadzones on the native XB1 Controller. Either way, I hope it proves to be a better controller for whomever out there that decides to adopt this beauty. Hori makes solid products, that's for sure.