Sony's future plans for PS3, PSP and TV

Techradar writes:

"This is not your father's Sony", sums up what Howard Stringer has done at Sony since taking over the reins in 2005.

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TrevorPhillips3854d ago

now thats why i chose sony :)

juuken3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

They kick loads of ass. :3
Almost all the stuff I have in my house are Sony related. I have all three systems-PS1, PS2, and now a PS3. I'm getting a PSP soon but I may wait for when they come up with the second one.
Oh, and a brand new Sony T.V. :3

PoSTedUP3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

yea i got a bunch of sony stuff including speakers, t.v.'s, a CD player and all 3 consoles. i want that new sony bluetooth thats coming out with socom. the warzone #6 <-------check it out @

@ jester- EXPENSIVE! but nice. lol.

lsujester3854d ago

Yeah, it was expensive. But it matches my silver PS3 oh so nicely.

deeznuts3854d ago

Yeah I like Sony too. If I liked LCDs (I like plasma better for the picture quality) it would only be Sony, they get the blackest blacks of the LCDs.

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Condoleezza Rice3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

The Playstation brand has positioned itself as the leading brand for your 'all in 1' box desires,needs,and wants,one look at the latest Hardware sales figures and it's clear;Consumers are responding to Sony's recent efforts into acquiring more Software,enhancing the Playstation Network experience,and lastly,building upon the trust it has established with its fan base by delivering desired features and maintaining an outstanding customer service branch.

With the 2 greatest games of this generation and a plethora of other AAA and higher rated games under it's belt,the Playstation 3 has emerged as the video game console of choice for gamers worldwide.

ThanatosDMC3853d ago

hahahha... some ghost disagreed with you.

deno3854d ago

I hope sony and apple team up to make some tv's.

RAM MAGNUMS3854d ago

you might of thought it was a good idea.
but its not. LOL
thats why Sony didn't do it & look at Sony products today.
you got be a total retard to believe m$ & anybody can mess with this conglomerate.
especially retarded if you actually was excited about the stupid rumor.
xbox 360 fell off as soon as Sony flexed its muscle!
bye now ignorant customer!

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The story is too old to be commented.