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"Far Cry 3 received acclaim on the last-gen platforms, but it was clear that the Dunia engine powering the game was simply too much for the ageing 360 and PS3 to handle, with intrusive tearing and sub-par frame-rates seriously impacting the experience. However, our recent in-depth hands-on with the PS4 version of the sequel paints a very different picture: free from the limitations of old technology, the Dunia engine is allowed to shine, delivering a level of graphical polish only seen in high-end PC releases, along with a near-solid 30fps update in native 1080p. It's an impressive start for Far Cry 4 on consoles - but how well does the Xbox One version hold up in comparison, and what kind of graphical leap forward are we getting on PC, where the series has always been at the cutting edge?"

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FITgamer2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

At 2:18 you can really see a difference. The textures on wall look much better on the PS4. Other than the slightly sharper image on PS4 they look really similar.

BallsEye2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

The texture is exactly the same. It's called bump mapping and sun is in different position on xbox one, thus shorter shadows/flatter bumps. Just look at the tree shadow.
Anyway, I know youtube doesn't justify much but at least from this vid they look identical. Whoever see 1 pixel difference here and there is trying too hard. Care so much about 1 pixel difference? Buy a beefed up PC.

With that being said, when I game on my pc I'm ready to sacrifice any detail to get a perfect and stable fps. Worse looking game with more stable fps will always immerse you more and give less headaches.

Complaints of fanboys over 1080p did an awful thing to this gen (and made console gamers look really stupid). Instead of focusing on silky smooth gameplay, devs try to force 1080p at all costs, with games dropping frames below 20. All this for the sake of better looking screenshots that fanboys can show off on forums. Let's not mind it runs like a turd. Devs, focus on FRAMERATE! 60 fps please. Now let all the 1080ptards downvote me.

G20WLY2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

You're being down voted because you're wrong. It calls out ground textures being poor on occasion on the Xbox version - did you even read the article?

In fairness, DF believe it could be a streaming issue, since it seems more prevalent after a cutscene. That sort of thing nukes immersion, so here's hoping they can patch it out.

The Xbox is also pushing 25% less pixels and has lower par AA compared to PS4 version.

Again, if you read the article, you'd see that the PC version has issues not found in the PS4 version, so your super PC solution isn't going to work either.

So the PS4 version came out tops - so what? If you don't have one and will never buy one, why does it matter to the point you have to try to downplay or belittle good news in every PS4 article?

You either trust DF's judgement, or you don't - it's as simple as that, my friend.

jc122046d ago

While not a major difference, the PS4 version looks sharper - that much is simply not disputable. Anyone who disagrees is just a troll...sorry

GameNameFame2046d ago

Typical xbox fanboy distorting truth.

These are typical damage control comments from x1 gamers.
-oh x1 got lower res? Can't tell much.
-lower graphics setting? W.e don't care about graphic.
-frame rate? Idc.

Why did you buy X1? Cause according x1 fanboy excuses and denials logic, you should be fine with x360.

DigitalRaptor2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

Damn you guys have never been this desperate to downplay facts.

You could have argued the things you're trying to argue last-gen with Lens of Truth's crappy efforts where the gamma was set differently for each console by default, but this is Digital Foundry, not an amateur site looking for hits above all integrity.

Read the actual article, and understand that these industry experts know more than you do and go to greater efforts to analyse these games than you do, because that's their job. Listen to the technical breakdown and the facts, instead of basing comparisons on your perception of reality, or no one will ever take you guys seriously.

You can tell how insecure and inaccurate a person's comment is when they pre-empt replies to their comment with "Now let all the 1080ptards downvote me." You are being downvoted because you are flat out wrong, and completely and utterly disingenuous due to the insecurities you are holding.

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Dynasty20212046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

The game's textures are really poor on certain surfaces.

Look at a rock face on a hill or a boulder - really bad detail for a 2014 game.

But it's the same engine as FarCry 3 so...

Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty game at times, but it still has the issue of low-rez textures, no shadows at a distance, every animal or target somehow being really "bright" at a distance compared to up close etc.

But somehow Ubisoft messed up AGAIN with the PC version.

It runs and looks great, but stutters like crazy. A quick stutter every few seconds when driving around, and happens less when running around.

Ubisoft have to be the worst developers around these days. How can you take an engine that ran damn well on PC, and make another game on the same engine and basically break it?

StrawberryDiesel4202046d ago

Loving this on PS4, it looks like a sick PC game in my opinion.

vishmarx2046d ago

its easily pc high/max @1080 30fps.
the game runs and looks perfect an the map editor is a blast

NuggetsOfGod2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

30fps? Ugh

1440p is becoming more a standard finally. Sick of 1080p .

I can imagine alot of ps4 gamers had their 1080p tv for the last 3-6 years.

Everything is moving in slow motion.

Ps4 should have came out in 2011..

MasterCornholio2046d ago

Just like i expected it to be. Im glad that the game runs on great though unlike Unity.

Bigpappy2046d ago

Little better graphics on PS4, little better fram rate on X1. Nice job by Ubi.

u got owned2046d ago

why are you getting disagrees?

From the article,

" In comparison, the image quality isn't quite as pristine on the Xbox One, although frame-rates are slightly higher under load, but the quality of the presentation overall remains excellent. "

Ju2046d ago

Maybe because "slightly"...means sometimes there is an fps advantage, but in general there is none (PS4 runs stable 30fps) while the image quality is always (bigger res) is a constant factor?

u got owned2046d ago (Edited 2046d ago )

That doesnt change the fact that XBO performs better, it doesn't matter if its on certain instances. What he said is completely true, he is not even trolling the article says the same thing. So i dont really see the reason to disagree. But who im kidding right, this is N4G.

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