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VideoGamer: "Smash Bros. for Wii U outshines its portable counterpart, comfortably sitting as one of Wii U's very best games."

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higgins782056d ago

Can Nintendo devs do any more? Seriously, SM3DW, Mario Kart 8 and now this - Smash. So, so much care, attention and detail is poured into every one of its staple IP's, not to mention the gameplay which keeps on giving.

Notellin2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I hate to say this because it may seem I'm trying to prove you wrong but these aren't Nintendo developers. This game was actually developed by Namco-Bandai and Sora Ltd. Your point still stands but I like to give credit where credit is due and these developers did an excellent job.

higgins782056d ago

No, fair (and factual) point. There I was, rushing in to praise Nintendo with what they are currently achieving with the Wii U I made basic errors. I'll instead say congratulations to the day developers of Smash in conjunction with Nintendo for loaning these iconic characters out.

WeAreLegion2056d ago

Yes. They could put an actual Battle Mode in Mario Kart 8. Other than that, they're doing a great job.

FastRedPonyCar2056d ago

I'd love a proper sequel to Mario Galaxy...

Hell, I'd even take just a remastered version that runs @ 1080p/60.

Look at this business on Dolphin emulator.


That is one clean ass game.

higgins782056d ago

A sequel to SMG...erm, SMG2? Possibly one of the best sequels of all time AND - as a stand alone game - one of the best of all time.

LOL_WUT2056d ago

As much I love the for fun mode (online) I came to the conclusion that it was too chaotic for me especially when there's stage hazards going on at the same time. Long story short I decided to try out for glory and what a change its more enjoyable definitely my go to mode from now on ;)