240° Holds $550 Hostage For PS3 Bundle It Won't Ship

Consumerist reader The Unicorn has $550 tied up in some strange Wal-Mart purgatory for a PlayStation 3 bundle that they won't ship to her, even though it clearly states in their online terms that they won't charge you for your order until it's shipped. Her customer service queries are being met with content-free scripted CSR-bot responses. She writes, "Here's the thing: don't ever buy anything from Walmart, ever. I knew this, and ignored it, and now I'm paying the price."

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pharmd3861d ago

guess thats what you get for shopping at walmart.... their customer service is among the worst in history

tisk tisk

Zeevious3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

First, if you read this story, the persons card was NOT charged...Consumerist just pimped another sensationalist headline for site-hits. I'm surprised they didn't include a poll on whether the PS3 would arrive too dusty to unpack or something.

About Wal*Mart - Tisk Tisk?
The manufacturer of a product that is sold for $3.50 at Wal*Mart, but for $5.00 at RetailerX gets nothing more...

RetailerX, NOT the manufacturer get's the extra $1.50 I could be using to donate to better causes than the bank account of another overpriced retailer.

I don't know you or your principles, but almost anyone I've ever discussed the issue of 'what's really wrong with Wal*Mart' about rattles off a list of complaints from the outright ridiculous to nonsense statistics & percentages.

The worst I've ever heard, is also typical of the type of claims made: "Wal*mart has the highest numbers of rapes & crime in their parking lots." . . .

Why is this nonsense?
Ya' think because as the largest retailer they have the largest number of parking lots?

As distasteful as it is to misuse survivors of any crime just to create some headline or a percentage-statistic that you know is meaningless...It is even worse to use a retailers low-prices as an excuse to sneer at anyone shopping there, and say 'that's what you get...'

So, a current example:
Where do you think that extra 25% price per gallon is coming from for families with little financial security?

Wal*mart raises the standard of living for many people who have as much right to fruits, vegetables, and a better standard of living as anyone with greater financial means has.

You might want to think of what's NOT in someone elses bank account the next time you sit down to a can of free-range Green Beans from Whole Foods...thinking how much better that is and how awful all those people are that shop at Wal*mart.

Hopefully it's a satisfying feeling because I just got the same can at Wal*mart for .87 cents and spent the extra $3.00 on dessert.

...and you don't get any.

Tisk tisk.

IdleLeeSiuLung3861d ago

Walmart has one of the most lenient return policies (90 days) and a pricematch guarantee!!! They used to allow retuns without a receipt as well, but consumers abused it and I think they no longer offer it.

I don't like the people that WM employ, but think about it these are the people that probably would not get a job anywhere else. WM has made products cheaper for consumers as well as provided jobs for people that otherwise will not get one!

I have also heard the stupid comments, such as I shop at Best Buy because they pay their employees more than Walmart. In which I would think, grow up and know that almost no company pays an employee more than they have to. All extra profit like Zeevious is saying, goes straight to the pockets of executives and the company bank. Happy shopping!

Zeevious, bubble for you.

pharmd3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

actually i shop at target ;)

but i wont rant about other people in stating that!

snoop_dizzle3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

I typically don't shop at walmart because they wouldn't really have much of the stuff I would buy. Like speakers, the selection movies(especially bluray), computers(now they sell macs)etc. I am somewhat forced to buy at bestbuy(really that or walmart, circuit city is too far away), though the best buy in my area actually isn't that bad, surprisingly though elsewhere that seems not to be the case.

I am overtime, trying to build a decent sound system, and could not by shopping at walmart, being that generally they really just sell HTiB's, and they are pretty lacking to begin with.

To walmart's credit I have heard they have a good return policy, but I have also heard people have taken advantage of it pretty easily as well.

As for how walmart trains employees and how its evident, its different wherever you go. Ive been to some walmarts where people know or seem to know what they are talking about. However I have seen the complete opposite. Last year when i went to a walmart looking for a deal on Bluray movies and i asked where is their bluray section was, and they were like, "uhh whats bluray?". Overall though the diamonds in the rough seem not to be how they train people, but rather people's prexisting knowledge of things.

I would think though since walmart is such a big company and has so much money they could raise their standard slightly, in any area for that matter.

Really for me, going to walmart doesn't really save me money(like with games, i will buy used games at gamestop or fye, jsut not trade them lol), or have the products and/or at least the selection i want.

But still I should buy online instead.

Zeevious3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

let's you feel that people shopping at another store deserve less?

I guess that's the same reason why you think fact's are a rant, because you'd rather not hear them...they might make you think.

Charitable Help :
Green Initiative :
$4 Prescriptions :
(saving customers a Billion dollars in health-care costs!)

At least Target's following Wal*Mart's lead on environmental & charity issues...and if you shopped at Wal*Mart you could donate even more. So...tisk, tisk?

Thinking anyone, anywhere, deserves less than you is simply wrong...and there is no justification for it, no matter how many free-range brownies you get for dessert.

Zeevious3861d ago

Wal*Mart isn't for's not where I'd buy most electronics either and your saving can vary depending on what you like.

I think your comment makes the reasons very clear. It depends on many things, like the occasional bad associate. You'll find them anywhere, but since Wal*Mart is so much larger, you'll always seem to find more there.

The best, unbiased reference I can think of is a CNBC special "The Age Of Wal*Mart" (because the other two, One All-PRO, the other All-CON where both just propaganda.)

The basic conclusion was Wal*Mart isn't good or evil, they're just a corporation like any corporation with as many rights as wrongs. When you add everything up, at the least, they raise their customers standard of living.

I can't understand anyone having an issue with that basic human right to a better life.

pharmd3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

my point is, theres other stores out there, shop where you want and everybody knows you get what you pay for....

you're crazy to think that walmart doesn't take shortcuts where they can to give you those cheap prices...

if someone shops for the cheapest price on everything all the time then they shouldn't be surprised when service/quality may be compromised

its irrelevant to me where people spend their money but you can believe that as hard as I've worked to make mine, im going to get the most out of it and that doesn't mean just buying the absolute cheapest product there is Mr. Walton

Zeevious3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

You get what you pay for?
An old euphemism that has nothing to do with anything we where discussing?

Here's the reality of 'You get what you THINK you pay for'
$10 wine relabel $90 taste better.
The same advice is relied upon more when bought than free.
The same $0.10 pills relabeled $2.50 are more effective.

How this really works in business:
Wal*Mart insists Campbells Soup provide a more competitive price to their customers and the price of making & selling soup goes down. You're saying that's bad because it's too cheap.

Then what about the more interesting effect:
Campbells uses this same assembly line for other retailers, like Target...Who DON'T lower their price to you.

So where did that extra savings go?
It's not in your pocket, but your eating the same soup.

I trusted your second point better, as it more accurately reinforced the real point...your first:
Linking to not the actual Target page, but their Charitable giving page...reaffirming what I said of common anti-Wal*Mart attitudes toward their customers: Justification.

So the three points you've made:
They shopped at Wal*Mart. They deserve it.
You shop at Target and they give to charity, so it's ok to think they deserve it.
They're cheap anyway, and cheap is cheap, and everyone knows it's cheap, and they deserve that cheap crap. It's so very very cheap.

At some point we've spun the 'Wheel Of Context'
and it's landed on 'Lose A Turn'

I think we've both shared our positions and I understand yours . . . But I don't know how you found out that Zee*Vious is French for Mr. Walton.

That's a name only my closest Friends, Family & Midget Escorts use...So I don't know you well enough for you to call me Zee*Vious, unless I get to call you by the stage name: Taffy Velour Pharmy *


* P.s. How tall are you again? . . . (Wrong. so wonderfully wrong.)

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Silogon3861d ago

They're probably just waiting to Roll back prices for her.

Wildarmsjecht3861d ago

Im just waiting for the "You're first mistake was buying a ps3" bs to come from either this zone or the open one.

badz1493861d ago

I somehow can also feel like it's coming!

Zeevious3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Your first mistake was buying a . . . . HEY!

WILDARMSJECHT! Stop with the mind control already!

One little experiement with an implanted chip at MIT and the next thing you know EVERYONES logging into my brain for their own nefarious needs!

Everyone but Sony that is...Where's my IN BRAIN XMB!


the mollusk3861d ago

I'm appalled by this! I don't typically buy stuff online and now I'm even more wary of it. Then again, I'm an Anti-Wal-Mart kinda girl. Knowing that they mark-up prices a decent percentage (I believe it's something like 16% but I'm not positive so don't quote me on that) I tend to just 'aquire' the things from there on my own terms.

I hope things work out, though.

Zeevious3861d ago

YOU'RE the hot chick with that roll of pre-printed UPC codes!

Hows that 42" plasma screen doing?
I can't believe it rang up for only $14.97.

Always the low price...Always!

( Just like iHeartSony sez: by any means necessary ;)

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