Titanfall: The best FPS of 2014

"Titanfall is the most finely tuned, well balanced shooter in years."

"Titanfall seems to now reside in the background, as other games like Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare command centre stage "

Gaz from GameOnDaily discusses why he thinks Titanfall is the best FPS of 2014.

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SuperDan-Dare2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Titanfall is not better than destiny or Cod: AW. Farcry 4 is way better than Titanfall, for a start.

Gazondaily2050d ago

Care to explain why COD:AW is better than Titanfall Dan?

SuperDan-Dare2050d ago

COD has a multiplayer element AND a single player mode... Titanfall can't say the same.

FriedGoat2050d ago

I totally agree, I have Titanfall on PC and it was a real disappointment.

Volkama2050d ago

Ergo Haze is better than Titanfall. SuperDan-Dare wins.

Who's next?

Gazondaily2050d ago

Just because COD has an extra game mode doesn't make it better ¬¬

That billion dollar franchise is still running peer 2 peer connections. That's just downright pathetic in this day and age.

nX2050d ago

Titanfall is CoD:AW with (pretty stupid) bots and without a campaign or a coop mode. Not to mention that the online mode of Advanced Warfare has more content and depth than Titanfall.

danthegamerfiend2050d ago

Titanfall is a hollow shell. The guns are boring, the abilities are boring, and the mechs are really boring. The only sense of progression is through the same boring prestige system cod had since cod4. At least cod and destiny have more to offer then just Mechwarrior team death match. Sorry to bash it hard but I did play this game during beta and launch.

Volkama2050d ago

Titanfall has way more fluid and fun movement than COD, and better level design. Otherwise they are pretty similar, but yeah quality dedicated servers is enough to elevate TF into a different league.

gangsta_red2050d ago

I love how everyone thinks that a game needs a single player mode.

What if the single player mode was rushed, and a complete garbage experience. Would the game get higher points from these same people?

The focus was on multiplayer, this is where the meat of any of these types of games are.

InTheLab2050d ago

Has a ton more content and is not dependent on gimmicks like the Titans. I know fans of the game love that aspect of it but for me, it really kills objective play. I really wish they would have taken the time to flesh out pilot only mode and created levels for pilots but they were clearly on a tight budget when they pumped this out. On the flip side, once CoD works out the lag/glitches, it will probably be everyone's go to shooter again or at least one they play in between TMCC or Destiny. The game is just fun and has enough content to keep you coming back and that's something Titanfall lacks.

The thing that really stands out and what you really have to ask yourself is what were Respawn working on in the years after MW2. They've been working on this game longer than Bungie was on Destiny and while Destiny has its issues, it's at least packed with more content.

Realistically, Farcry is lightyears better than Destiny, CoD, and Titanfall.The competitive modes are much more interesting and less gimmicky. The challenges alone blow away the other shooters this year and the story? Titanfall has no story. You're just shooting s**t to shoot it. CoD is absurd as usual. Destiny's story is pathetic but still there.

Now, my opinion would probably change a bit if Titanfall was $20 DLC like Blacklight or CSGO because it has about the same content as both of those games. It's fun for a few weeks and then it's not.

I'd probably rank it in this order....

Farcry 4
Wolfenstein TNO
Cod AW

I just don't feel comfortable rewarding half assed efforts.

Foehammer2050d ago

The reviews are in at metacritic

FarCry 4...85

Like the article says, TF wins

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Derekvinyard132050d ago

Had to search article to see if there was any mention of wolfenstein before I read it. Not there, here's a hint. Go play all the fps games of 2014 then talk cause wolfenstein kicks the shit out of all of them

Gazondaily2049d ago

Sorry but I thought Wolfenstein was terrible.

PoSTedUP2050d ago

i heard titan fall was good fun. not my cup of tea, but then again neither is destiny. and cod isnt cod when everyone is flying around in jetpacks, but then again cod lost it's footing a long time ago when it was on the ground. and KZ:SF, more of my style, nothing amazing tho. i havent played far cry 4. id give this year to titan fall, 2014 wasnt anything special anyways.

FriedGoat2050d ago

Don't want jetpacks? Play classic mode.
Either way, neither Cod or titanfall ain't that great.

Mechanics for me go to Destiny, although it gets a lot of hate, can definitely say I've put more into that game.

PoSTedUP2050d ago

eh, still seems like they strayed even further away from my liking. i bet id like farcry 4, #3 was so good imo. still waiting on a metroid prime game.

Bennibop2050d ago

Titanfall has no longterm appeal, was great fun at launch but was ultimately very shallow and lacking in content.

corroios2050d ago

This game is really bad for gamers. A game without almost any content and no sp. It seems like more like a DLC then a retail game.

Volkama2050d ago

Anything that brings me closer to a focused multiplayer FPS like Quake 3 is not bad for gamers. Or if it is... screw those gamers.

Gazondaily2050d ago

"Anything that brings me closer to a focused multiplayer FPS like Quake 3 is not bad for gamers"


Kribwalker2050d ago

You are making to much logical sense, and that just might break this illogical site

FriedGoat2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Get lost, don't even put Titanfall and Quake 3 in the same sentence.

Titanfall to Quake 3 is like Sonic Boom to Mario 64.

Volkama2050d ago

@Friedgoat calm down chick, I didn't say Titanfall was as good as Quake 3. I love Quake 3.

I said anything that brings us closer is a good thing, and insisting on a COD campaign for every FPS is not going to bring us closer to the game I want.

tlougotg2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Dont know how you have so many bubbles with your stealth trolling and bs smh

Titanfall got boring quick and was way overhyped, like many have said before COD AW heck imo even Kz SF mp is better. Just because ppl are criticizing the game on your console of choice you come with your little propaganda lol I see through you man, your not fooling us.

Volkama2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

I know how you have so few bubbles.

My console of choice is all 3 consoles. And I actually play Titanfall on the PC. Same for Quake 3, the game I was actually praising in the comment you tried to jump on.

Now get back in your hole.

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Blues Cowboy2050d ago

For me TF is the best FPS of the year because of its legacy. So many games now offer double-jumping verticality and gameplay freedom instead of -- and we have TF to thank for that.

Oh, and the finely-tuned perfectly-honed gameplay is kind of important. As someone who plays shooters because I love the gameplay, not because of pointless metagame/upgrades/progression, I've kept playing simply since I'm having a blast. Just my 2c.

WeAreLegion2050d ago

You want to thank Titanfall for that? Not Tribes?

FriedGoat2050d ago

Young gamers.... No idea what they're talking about.

2050d ago
Spotie2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

As legion says, Titanfall is a decade or more late to that party.

And the overall lack of content is pretty glaring, especially when you consider the lack of an offline mode of any sort.

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