Fall asleep to a sea life documentary filmed in Grand Theft Auto V

Destructoid writes:"I didn't spend a lot of time underwater in Grand Theft Auto V. There are a lot of other things to do, like chase a guy down for 15 minutes on foot because he's wearing a scarf in 80 degree weather, and then punching him a lot. Most of things involve punching, really. Standing in the middle of a four way intersection and punching at cars wildly. Hey, you play GTA your way, I'll play mine."

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SteamPowered2057d ago

Good lord it's painful waiting till January for this masterpiece. I hope and pray they have it optimized well for the Pc. I would hate to wait another few weeks on top of that.

pompombrum2057d ago

I imagine that's why they have delayed it.. the main thing I'm hoping for is an increased viewing distance. Playing it on the X1 and that false fog they use is really starting to show.

sugawalls2057d ago

The false fog you're talking about is "smog". Go to Log Angeles Mid Summer and see for yourself.

There is nothing really false about it :)

WeAreLegion2057d ago

It's true. I was in LA for the first time this June. It's almost post-apocalyptic.


Doesn't that clear after a certain point in the game?

correct me if I am wrong, but i am sure in the original on the 360 there was the smog and after a certain point it clears.

m1armor2057d ago

^ Agreed I want this now. For pc of course