What do “military” remarks mean for Battlefield’s future?

The Battlefield game to follow Hardline will be a military shooter in 2016. But what does that mean for the series?

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daBUSHwhaka2061d ago

Personally I don't mind the military shooter in BF just as long as they get it right this time around and don't release a broken ass game.Bring on the destruction.

AgentSmithPS42060d ago

It means you'll have to hire a private military to persuade them to have a relatively finished game on day 1.

Rearden2061d ago

Every single other Battlefield game, besides Hardline, has been "military themed".

MysticStrummer2061d ago

I just hope they don't go all sci fi on us. I'm hoping for Bad Company 3.

Rearden2061d ago

Oh I would love to see BF2143.

lipton1012061d ago

I can dig a battlefield 1944. Or better yet, a multi-generational battlefiekd with maps / weapons specific to each time period. Ww2, Vietnam and gulf/modern.

dillhole2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

It'd be interesting but it seems like quite a big risk to go back into the WW2 era, since that genre pretty much died a few years back. I just imagine it will be another modern setting, probably quite predictable like America in the near future, or throw a bit of Syria in there.