Confirmed: My GamerPad proven fake

TVGB: "Not that anyone really had any doubt, but I guess this puts the final nail in My GamerPad's coffin. The first strike against it came with the news that it originated on the 4chan messages boards. Now, if you've been on the interwebz for long enough, you know there are three cardinal rules to follow."

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Wildarmsjecht3764d ago

I can't believe anyone even tried to find credibility in 4chan. It's so full of fail, its ridiculous. Bunch of /b/tards that do shame to real /b/.

Tsalagi3764d ago

Five minutes after this rumor appeared on a thread was started about how dumb people were for believing it. I mean come on, it's 4chan!!!

I did lol though when some /b/tard bet it was going to be posted on N4G within 10 minutes and it was. 8D

AAACE53764d ago

Am I missing something? Is there something truely great about these apps that I havent heard about?

I don't understand why anyone is excited about these types of applications! Not to sound sarcastic, I mean really... I don't get it!

To me these applications seem like Second Life, but focused around the game industry!

bootsielon3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Maybe Microsoft will now unveil a worthy contender of Home at E3 instead of this tacked on garbage rip-off of Miis and Home.


Worthwile? If that's not something better than Home, then what do you suppose that is?

TrenchaunT3764d ago

Even better: Maybe Microsoft will work on something WORTHWHILE instead.

Condoleezza Rice3764d ago

Though to be fair;it will be tough for any company to come up with something as innovative and ground breaking as Playstation Home.

It's clear this years E3 will be full of interesting and surprising news,let's hope Microsofts conference can deliver what the gamers want.

KBDuB3764d ago

Home is not innovative..

juuken3764d ago

KBDuB, care to explain why Home is not innovative? Because what Sony is doing here is huge and you would have to be playing some kind of a cruel joke to say that Home isn't innovative.

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JasonXE3764d ago

good news, now they can spend there resources on improving live beyond perfection then this crap!!

P0WER of GREEN3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I scare even myself in how right I always am. I knew it was just the rabids at work trying to spam the net building sympathy for sony's home.

Microsoft has been working on a simulation before the original playstation was released.

The gaming GOD3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Do you have proof of this?

Edit- I love n4g. All you do is ask for proof or verification and you get disagrees.

bootsielon3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

So Sony copied Microsoft's vaporware? Where is the proof, fanboy? Home doesn't need any "sympathy", it speaks for itself and lots of people are excited. Of course, you aren't, and neither Mart is (well, you guys are both the same, kind of redundant for me to state it), but that is expected from you "Power of Green".

Who are you calling rabid anyway, have you seen yourself in the mirror? No wonder you had to make a second account, hypocrite.

Joe29113764d ago

POG you do realize the ps1 was released over a decade ago 13 years ago to be precise and your trying to tell me with no proof that microsoft has been working on their virtual social network for 13 years??!!!?

LJWooly3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

"I scare even myself in how right I always am"

Dear god.

RecSpec3764d ago

If I was always as right as POG is, I'd be a little scared too.

On topic, a simulation for what? Windows 95?

The gaming GOD3764d ago

I knew he couldn't provide such proof since no such proof can possibly exist.

The original xbox wasn't even available at the time. Yet he sat here and said MS was working on a HOME like simulation BEFORE the orignal playstation was out.

Someone needs to have their facts straight. Especially when they state such nonsense WITHOUT and sort of proof to back up said theory

juuken3764d ago

PoG never has proof guys. That's how he rolls apparently. -___-

KBDuB3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

You guys replying to "PoG" are idiots. That's not even the real PoG. Can't you tell by looking at his name? It has a zero in his name. Not an O. p0wer Of Green. See the difference in the first "o" and the second "o?"

It COULD be the real PoG. But, the real PoG has no need to make a new account since he still has bubbles..

power of Green is the real spelling of PoG. Not P0WER of GREEN.

The gaming GOD3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

For all we know it MIGHT or MIGHT not be him. It's not like the guy uses just one account. And it's not like he waits for his bubbles to get low before using other accounts to replenish his bubbles either.

Besides, who gives a damn. Only and "idiot" would care about crap like that since you never know who is who over the net in the first place. Hell, for all we know, YOU might be Pog.

LJWooly3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

PoG, and the rest of his little bum-buddies (which, of course, might actually be one person) are well-known to use multiple accounts, how else do you think they all have five bubbles or more? They also PM each other love messages asking to exchange bubbles.

Of course, it's entirely possible that this is someone completely different, but who cares? Either way, the comment was pure comedy gold... "I scare even myself in how right I always am", haha.

KBDuB3764d ago

Yea. I am PoG.. Let me tell ya about it.

You're right, he might be him. We never know. But, honestly.. I don't think PoG talks like that. Just from reading his posts. The only thing they have in common is that they both talk like idiots. But, even if it is PoG.. I'm sure he would have changed his name to something completely different. Not keep it PoG. Sorta like how everyone say that PoG is TheMart. Those names have nothing in common, at least not like power of Green and P0WER Of GREEN...

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Silogon3764d ago

too bad it looked better than home to me. Well, the cartoon Avatars with exaggerated features did anyways. I think they looked a bit like Hot shots golf characters and that's always a win win.

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