Song Rides High on Gears TV Ad

The depressing ditty that accompanies the TV ad for Gears of War appears to have benefited from the exposure, as the song hovers around the very top of the iTunes shop.

It's a very very mad world on Apple's online music store, as the Gary Jules and Michael Andrews cover of the 1982 Tears for Fears song Mad World currently stands at number 12 on iTunes' top 100 songs.

The simple song, featuring only vocals, a piano and a cello, reportedly hit the number one iTunes spot over the weekend. It also appeared in the cult classic film Donnie Darko in 2001 and became the UK's top single in 2003. The widely played Gears of War commercial seems to be the only explanation how such a low profile song in the US climbed to the top after being around for five years.

In the commercial, protagonist Marcus Fenix is shown running from the enemy Locusts which emerge from under the planet's surface. He's finally met by a gigantic spider-like enemy known as a Corpser, which seems to have the odds greatly in its favor.

The video is also available for free over Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Bill Nye4342d ago

In other news... the Corpser is the dumbest boss ever.

MySwordIsHeavenly4342d ago

This is one of the best songs ever made!

I've loved it since it's been out.

FKN Unbelievable4341d ago

Bill Nye Has been Cancelled for How many years now? anyways that what a Good Game can do to for a foriegn song. Besides i downloaded the song to.

DeathNote14341d ago

so now it's popular again? man, i thought donnie darko tainted it enough with a horrible new fan basis.

dfb19774341d ago

The song fits the ad so well too. Very well made and tied in with the lyrics of the song and action in the ad. 10/10 for that agency

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