The Xbox One and PS4 Aren't Really Rivals in China

" It's official folks: in China, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be operated by the same conglomerate, Shanghai Media Group. How's that for friendly rivals?

Chinese media sites such as Sina Games and People's Daily are reporting that the proposed merger is going along as planned. Bloomberg Business reported today that shares of BesTV and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group, the two companies that are merging, have gone up in day trading. Kotaku first reported on the possibility of this merger in September."

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DialgaMarine2048d ago

That's... Interesting? It's like they're literal brothers.

CerealKiller2048d ago

But which one will Chinese consumers buy?

Mister_G2048d ago

That will be interesting to see since China and Japan were on the brink of war not that long ago.

Okay, maybe not full blown war, but conflict over disputed waters.

BlissSeeker2048d ago

True but I don't think the rivalry will be a deciding factor for the Chinese consumer.

Insomnia_842048d ago

Wtf does water have to do with gaming? lol

schommerc2048d ago

There's a "too much water" joke in here somewhere...

XabiDaChosenOne2048d ago

Uh America dropped two nukes on Japan and Apple products still sell incredibly well over there so...

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MegaRay2048d ago

PS4. Sorry to spoil it to you. But it becames too oblivious by now.

Kribwalker2048d ago

Well currently the Xbox one has sold over 100k there and Sony has stated they will be shipping 200kba year there, where ms has been approved to ship 5 million total there. There are a lot of government factors so you never really know

urwifeminder2048d ago

Chinese still hate the Japanese for all the thousands they killed pre and during the 2nd WW not to mention earlier histories some people cant let that go, not saying it will be a factor though.

WeAreLegion2048d ago do they feel about the US? We did quite a bit of damage over there.

It's like...get over it.

OC_MurphysLaw2048d ago

The U.S. indirectly supported China during WWII. During the Korean/Vietnam wars we were for the most part never direct adversaries. Japan has long had openly hostile relations with China. The U.S. does get painted in a negative light with China because of our alliance with Japan now but I believe more hostility is still very much directed towards Japan specifically.

WeAreLegion2047d ago

I meant the Japanese. We did a lot of damage to Japan. We did do damage to the Chinese though, as well. That whole "slavery" thing.

kingvendrick2048d ago

@urwife, if you're 'not saying it will be a factor' why say it, cos it won't be.