Lost Planet Achievement List

The achievements for Lost Planet has been revealed. The game has 35 achievements (23 secret achievements) with the total of 1000 points. Read more to view the list of the currently known achievements.

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Thump19674345d ago

Can't wait for this game to make it out and the achievements look good but why all the secret achievements

ernande4345d ago

Rumor has it that one of the secret achievements is being able to read the text from 15ft away. Now THAT would be an achievement.

BIadestarX4345d ago

What text are you talking about?
ohh you mean that text that diplay the score while you play? can you name another game that display the score while you play? For most games you have to wait until the game is over or open another screen to see the score. If this text would be bigger it would interfer with the gameplay.

willud4skins4345d ago

i was excited about this game until i played the multiplayer demo. IT WAS TERRIBLE.

Cyclonus4345d ago

I hate online-based achievements. And who the hell has the time to find hidden achievements?

I don't even care if an achievement is difficult to get, just tell us WTF it IS.

Sphinx4345d ago

...but it'll probably be a rental if I'm still playing online multiplayer with GOW and Rainbow 6 Las Vegas.

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