Amazon Black Friday Week 2014: 3DS and Wii U Games Up To 60% off (Reloaded)

Techtorial: Amazon has reloaded its deals for 3DS and Wii U games giving discount up to 60% off just a few days before Black Friday.

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MSBAUSTX1451d ago

If anyone is a best buy rewards member they should look at their deal for Wii U today only! Wii U with Mario 3D World, Super Smash, Tropical Freeze & Nintendo Land for on $350! That is the most amazing deal I have ever seen! That is four games, all worth about $40 to 50 bucks, for Only 50 bucks more than other bundles. That is nuts! I paid that much for mine about a year ago and it came with Ninto Land, a Pro controller, and Zombi U. That was a good deal then but this is much better. A Platformers friggin dream!