Diablo III on PS3/Xbox 360 not likely

Today in Paris at the Blizzard World Invitational, Blizzard Entertainment revealed much anticipated RPG, Diablo III. With past rumors suggesting that Blizzard was developing for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, contacted Blizzard Entertainment to see if Diablo III would see light of day on console platforms.

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Captain Tuttle3766d ago

I want to see some system requirements.

Sangria3766d ago

Same here. The game not coming on PS360, it's not really a problem because Diablo is that kind of game that plays only on PC, but i wonder if my PC can runt Diablo 3. I hope so 'cause i already love it.

BoneMagnus3766d ago

Baulder's Gate Dark Alliance was a Diablo clone, and it worked great on consoles...LAST gen.

Relcom3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

so i can start upgrading my comp

Baulder's Gate Dark Alliance was Sh1t compared to D2, it was a mindless lootfest. Diablo has Magic Find which = smart lootfest

DR-IVO3766d ago

what makes the game any better on PC then it would be on console?

Sangria3766d ago

Gameplay. Some games can only be used with mouse and keyboard. Some genre like god-games (Spore, Black & White) have a gameplay that we can only feel true with a mouse and/or a keyboard.
I'm waiting for the development of MMORPGs on 360 and PS3 to see how they manage to fit mouse gameplay + keyboard shortcuts (1 to 0 button, sometimes F1 to F9, I for inventory, E for Equipments, S for Statistics, etc....) in simple controller.

FPS was also a genre that plays typically with mouse and keyboard, but we managed to fit simplest gameplays in a controller. However, games like S.W.A.T. should be hard to play on a console, so yes, some genre needs to stay on PC, and IN MY OPINION Diablo is that kind of genre. I will maybe never have the same hardcore pleasure playing a Diablo on console, except if it is compatible with keyboard and mouse.

donator3766d ago

They had Diablo 1 for Playstation 1. It was pretty fun.

mepsipax3766d ago

I've got a gforce 8800, quad core, 3.2 ghz cpu, 4 gigs of ram so I don't think I'm gonna need to worry about this, all I can say is bring it on!

Kami3766d ago

the game does not look like it needs much power to run but lets see what happen.

ThanatosDMC3766d ago

I bet the PS3 can handle it easily. Porting it is another story. I dont care if they have to force us to use a mouse and a keyboard. Diablo 3 will be AWESOME!!!

JsonHenry3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

That sucks for console only kiddos. Although on the PS3 it would not be too bad if they made full keyboard and mouse support.

The only reason I continue to game primarily on my PC is because of the Keyboard and mouse controls. The day that consoles support (fully) keyboard and mouse I will be not be gaming on a console anyway. It will just be a PC by that point.

Probably we are only 1 or two generations away from a console being nothing but a standardized gaming PC that plays nice with your TV.

proArchy3766d ago

If they can make Red Alert, or World in Conflict work on a console then they can almost certainly make Diablo3 work. It is totally possible to narrow down the control scheme to work on a gamepad, while still leaving full keyboard support for the more hardcore players. My PC has seen many moons, and couldn't handle this game, even at its lowest settings I'm sure. A console version is probably the only way I'll get to play this game. Here's hoping they open their eyes to the fact that there are a combined 30million plus 360/PS3's out there and maybe, just maybe a couple of those owners might buy this game.

ThanatosDMC3765d ago

No, the only way to play D2 is with a mouse and keyboard. There is no way in hell can you survive by using the d-pad to hotkey most spells in Diablo.

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Masta_Killa3766d ago

That wasn't an answer to whether or not it was coming to consoles. That was an answer about d3 coming to Mac. Just looking for some hits...

Jpinter3766d ago

That was the PR's answer when asked about a PS3 and xbox 360 version of the game.

Masta_Killa3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

This is where I read that exact sentence, minutes before I saw this article. Hmmmm....

Jpinter3766d ago's a PR....they use the same script.

proArchy3766d ago

Please show your work jpinter, lest you hurt your credibility. From an audience's perspective it looks like you just copy/pasted Blizzard's FAQ and claimed it was your own research. Not pointing fingers, just saying that a phrase like "We don't comment on rumors and speculation" being spammed by PR is completely believable, but an almost exact print copy of a awkward sentence like "Yes(, this is PC/Mac). As with all of Blizzard Entertainment's recent releases, Diablo III will ship for both Windows and Mac simultaneously." could be seen as a little suspect.

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Condoleezza Rice3766d ago

We'll know for sure after the upcoming weeks.


if i did come tho. ahhhhhh

Zhuk3766d ago

This game will undoubtedly be released for the Xbox 360, Diablo III and the award winning Xbox LIVE network would be a great partnership for gamers and enthusiasts alike. The PS3, however, would be incapable of running Diablo III due to inferior hardware architecture and a lacklustre online network which would make the game technically impossible for that system to handle

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3766d ago

This game will undoubtedly be released for the PS3, Diablo III and the award winning (FREE) PSN network would be a great partnership for gamers and enthusiasts alike. The xBox 360, however, would be incapable of running Diablo III due to inferior hardware architecture and a lacklustre Laggy/Costly online network which would make the game technically impossible for that system to handle


Ali_The_Brit3766d ago

I LOL'd so hard at zhuks unbelivable denile and stupidity, your in line with pp and pos3 myfriend, mother must be proud ;)

TheXgamerLive3766d ago

as it "ONLY" says NO PS3 VERSION.

Jack The Lad3766d ago

why do these xbox owners talk like they are 85 years old. they sound like bill gates & microsads. Zhuk u should marry XGamer grandads. xbox is juat a old p.c it couldnt run this game

TheXgamerLive3766d ago

OH, you mean why do we speak with an educated flair? Because I actually try in school and am educated. You? Naaaaaaaa!

SIXAXISofEVIL3765d ago

i hear people say stuff like this all the time. rather than attack you, i'll ask you to explain the technical differences in the 360 and ps3 since you seem to understand them so well. why exactly would the 360 be able to run it and the ps3 not?

SonySoldierEternaL3765d ago

be quiet, the 360 doesn't even have Keyboard/Mouse support.

the only console which has KB/M support is the PS3

thus, it's more reasonable for the Diablo 3 to be released for the PS3

nice try though.

juuken3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

...-___-'re a jackass. Please say no more.

KBDuB3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Actually, the 360 has the controller/keypad. So, I think that Diablo would work on the 360 better than the PS3. If you want to use straight keyboard and mouse, then why not get it for the Pc? With the 360 controller-pad you can still use every button on the pad, if they chose to do so, with the movement and attacks on the controller. Wouldn't be to hard to do.

And, before you say that not everyone has the controller-pad. Not every one has a computer and therefor not everyone has a keyboard and mouse. And, plus, the controller-pad would be cheaper to buy then to buy a good keyboard and mouse.

And, by the way, SonySoldierEternaL, thanks for the PM. -.- It seems the Ps3 already owns your life, eh?

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King20083766d ago

So could someone tell me how it plays, what type of game it is etc..I know I could look it up but I want a gamers take on what its like.

ThanatosDMC3766d ago

Point and click RPG with a story. Go to

proArchy3765d ago

Ever play Dungeon Siege or Neverwinter Nights? That's the best I can come up with.