GTA V servers now stable on Xbox One, PS4 after weekend woes

At the start of the weekend, users began experiencing issues while trying to connect to the online servers for the recently released Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Grand Theft Auto V. At time, Rockstar Games posted a workaround on their official support website which players could try in order to fix the issue until the developer could deploy a title update that would officially remedy the error.

Unfortunately, the suggested actions that fans were asked to take to be able to access the GTA V online servers on next-gen platforms were overly complicated. Since the developer revealed that they expected to have an update ready to push live within the next 24 hours, most simply chose to wait until the patch was released.

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masterfox2060d ago

Props to Rockstar for solving it so fast not like others.


I have been playing everyday since release and have had zero issues with the online portion of the game, i transferred my character over day one and have been enjoying it since. Same cannot be said for the ps3/360 launch which was a nightmare lol

IrishSt0ner2059d ago

I wouldn't say zero issues whilst waiting in those 40min 'on call' game queues, or constant connection failures when joining lobbies. I do agree though that it's 10x better than the original launch, at least you can get online.


Odd i get so many disagrees, i didnt have any connection issues or40 minutes queues, im just sharing my experience with the game, trust me if i had any problems with the game id share them.

Bigpappy2060d ago

Yeah. If the problem is solved, that was done very quickly.

BigBosss2060d ago

They seem to be releasing and solving the issues really quick! First it was the 1 gig patch then not even a few days the 300mb patch and soon another patch. Kudos to R*

darkstar182060d ago

didnt this game come out like a week ago?

spence524902059d ago

It's a start. I'm still getting random disconnects though.

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