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In the end, given the lack of content, it's more a tool than a fully accomplished game. And that's a shame, because the new focus on platforming would've been really welcome if supported with more levels from the devs.

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DarkOcelet2565d ago

I am sure that lack of content will be filled from the players in a couple of months and it will have thousands of different and unique levels so that is awesome. Besides all the 2 millions levels from the last game can be played here so that a huge amount of content for new comers to the series.

Nirvana315912565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Don't believe these bullshit reviews it's easily a 9/10 from what I've played

sloth33952565d ago

I just think this one isn't as fun as the others were

Jughead34162565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Oh boy. Sloth, you sound like someone commenting without actually playing it. There's actually a pretty decent amount of content. And it's actually more fun than the others

sloth33952564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

don't have a problem with the content Im just finding it not as fun as the older games the problem is they are trying to go too much action in this game and not as much fun platforming as the other games were

Rimeskeem2565d ago

lack of content?

You have 11 million levels to play and the game lacks content.

XSpike2565d ago

The story could have 1 level & like all LBP creators would still think LBP3 has more content then previous games, 70+ new tools, 3 new characters, 16 layers & whatever else *drools* sooo much content for creators its like LBP heaven :D

EU release can't come fast enough!

Nirvana315912565d ago

"Lack of content"

How do you guys want people to take you seriously with that kind of comments? The game literally has the entire catalogue of LBP and LBP 2 PLUS hundreds of user crafted levels on LBP 3 already

Inzo2564d ago

The reviewer misses the point of what LBP really is. With comments like "lack of content" its hard to take him/her seriously.

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