Why I’m still playing Destiny (and probably will for a while longer)

Nikhil says, "With the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, I think it’s safe to say many shooter fans have moved on from Destiny. Heck, even prior to the launch of these two heavyweight shooters this year many people had already called it quits with Bungie’s latest title. Yet, somehow, I find myself still eagerly waiting for the weekly reset so that I may run through the raid, weekly nightfall strike, get more marks, and the list goes on and on. Now before any of you are quick to call me a delusional fool (which I could very well be), please allow me to explain myself."

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NerdStar72987d ago

You are still playing it because you're a Bungie fanboy or you have no other games.

objdadon2986d ago

And yet you're the one with the stupid comment a fanboy would say

NewMonday2986d ago

I can't stop playing and my backlog keeps staking up

InTheZoneAC2986d ago

I agree.

There is nothing else this game offers to keep me playing. No matter what weapons I get, the balancing won't make it worth my time to get seeing how it won't be better than my 30 other weapons.

There are too many other good games to keep coming back to this.

martinezjesus19932986d ago

I have DA I, Ac U, Cod AW, LBP3, Halo MCC, and Sunset Overdrive yet I still find myself playing Destiny before anything else

joab7772986d ago

No. It's easily one of the best games this yr. I would be playing if not for Dragon Age. And Dragon Age is hands down my GotY. It blew away even my highest expectations so far.

hiredhelp2986d ago

Nerstar bad enough we have the word used everyday here in war of consoles dont start that crap by singling out gamers on certain games.
There choice they choose to play destiny or not doesnt effect you.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2986d ago

I'm still playing it because I want to, not because some jackass on the internet thinks I shouldn't be playing it at all.

GameSpawn2986d ago

Exactly. There is a pretty vocal crowd of "Destiny is crap, I'm bored", but frankly lots of people are still playing the game regardless of what they are saying.

Most of the people who have burned out on Destiny have already put in over 100 hours. How the freaking hell can you say "um...I'm bored with Destiny there is nothing to do..." when you've put in 100 hours?! I really think you've got your money's worth by that point.

There are plenty of other games that get praise or don't get this much "I hate it" spiel that have FAR less playtime to total completion. The beauty to Destiny is that what defines completion is totally up to you (all story missions, maxed out LVL 30 equipment and weapons, 100% trophies/achievements, etc.). I think for most they set the bar at the story missions which are just scratching the surface - play some strikes and raids and work for maxing out equipment, weapons, and subclasses.

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KingKelloggTheWH2987d ago

I'm still playing it, I want a certain gun and havent got it. It drives me crazy, I need it so desperately.

admiralvic2986d ago

"I want a certain gun and havent got it."

I know that feeling. A little before the game released I was looking at exotics and decided I wanted the Hardlight (people claim it sucks, but I still want to test it out) more than anything else. Like 9 or whatever weeks later and I literally have every exotic weapon besides the Hardlight and Monte Carlo. -.-;;

KingKelloggTheWH2986d ago

Hardlight is a MONSTER, I have got it twice. The only gun Ive been trying to get was The Last word, but sadly I havent gotten it..

joab7772986d ago

They just sold last word. And i have 2 hard lights and it's terrible imho. Much prefer, at least for VoG the raid weapons, ice breaker, gallajahorn and fatebringer.

Nightfallen2987d ago

I still play it, it keeps bringing me back somehow.

AC2020x2986d ago

Agreed! I'm playing it as well. Lots of fun, especially with friends.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Honestly, I thought the game was fun, still is, but I just can't be bothered with dlc every other month. I've officially put it down. If they release some really good story dlc with more class abilities I'd hop back on.

Shadonic2986d ago

There's actually as been a post about a new set of abilities coming to the game, for example titan as a move where he/she can shoot pillars of light in four directions at their foes.

I would post the link but sadly did not save it

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