Nintendo Holds off on Wii DVD

Nintendo's planned DVD-ready Wii system appears to be on hold at the moment. The morning edition of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reports today that at a stock holder meeting on the 27th, company president Satoru Iwata said of the device, "With supply constraints [of the Wii] continuing worldwide, the priority is on the current model."

This updated Wii system has been mentioned by Nintendo before only in vague terms. The firm originally suggested a release date of some time last year.

Nikkei also reports that at the same stock holder meeting, Nintendo revealed plans for a retail release of the DS's 1seg tuner peripheral this July. The device, which allows Japanese DS users to view digital television broadcasts, is currently being sold exclusively online.

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TruthbeTold3767d ago

Of all the things that Nintendo needs to do to help the Wii be better for gamers, adding DVD playing ability is high on their list? How annoying. Anyone who doesn't have a working DVD player either doesn't want one, or the one they had already is broken. If it's the former, then this upgrade is useless. If it's the latter, then they MIGHT sell a few more consoles because of it but I doubt it. I can't see people having a frame of mind of: "I need a new DVD player, let's go get a Wii!" Ridiculous. Not to mention that if someone wants a DVD player that badly, they can get one for 30-40 bucks. Memory solution Nintendo. Get with it already.

cseru13767d ago

I agree! They're wasting their time, but it is nice to have more systems out their! I think this'll help the shortage.

meepmoopmeep3767d ago

dvd playback should have been standard on this $250 machine.

eagle213767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

It will probably have another design, multiple colors, more internal storage and may even be $30-50 cheaper! Remember the DS Lite?

Plus more games will be on the shelf. They will launch a killer app with this new model (as usual). I never will buy another Nintendo product at launch like I did the DS. Just wait, they use their tricks everytime.

It will probably be called "Wii SP". :)

Phenomenon3767d ago

isnt powerful enough to play Dvd's.

ChickeyCantor3767d ago

no you are right, it can only read DVD's......................... .

Nintendo should leave it out, we dont need one.
But if there is one, they will drop the price of the current wii and promote the wii with DVD for 250.

dragunrising3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

If you don't have a DVD player, they are as cheap as $30 in some places. I didn't purchase the Wii for DVD playback and no one will as the sole reason (some people like collecting stuff/have the best version). If you expect Wii DVD to upconvert DVDs, your going to be disappointed. I would bet the new Wii won't make it West.

Edit: sorry if my comment sounds overly critical:-P

bootsielon3767d ago

I don't care if you have 5 DVD players, a $250 machine should capable of reading DVDs should be able to play DVDs. Wii is already obsolete technology, and Nintendo to top it off doesn't even add DVD playback. Why? Because it probably costs them $1 buck per Wii to implement it. I can see them discussing at Nintendo HQ Japan: "Gotta take care of that bottomline! Screw consumers, after all they're still buying our garbage."

bama3767d ago

Its amazing that you have any bubbles.

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The story is too old to be commented.