Atindriya Bose on Recent Playstation Sales in India and More

In a recent interview with, Sony Computer Entertainment India Country Manager Atindriya Bose reveals that over 11,000 Playstation-branded units have been officially sold in India for each month (since the last three).

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Silogon3765d ago

You know what would've been cool, off topic sort of, is if MGS4 would've shipped with the Solid eye patch and it wuld've worked just as it does in the game. It could've been like the eye toy, sort of, only you wear it and would turn it off and on and toggle the different settings of it thru the controller.

I think that'd be pretty sharp and it would've brought you into the game more, I believe. Then again you could've/would've looked like a big dong wearing it too.

El_Colombiano3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

That would have been far too expensive for the mainstream customer, plus I can see lawsuits for "eye tumors" and the such...never the less, it'd be awesome to have a Solid Eye.

PirateThom3765d ago

I would have bought one. Even if it didn't do anything and was just an eyepatch.

devilhunterx3765d ago

The guy look like a douche though.