Diablo III storyline and approx game length revealed

Blizzard vice president Frank Pearce has revealed in an on-going press conference that the Diablo III storyline will start 20 years after the events of Lord of Destruction and that the length of the game will be "similar to Diablo II".

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mariusmal3765d ago

then its a social life killer ehehe. and forget the battlenet :D

ThanatosDMC3765d ago

Diablo 2 is one of the handful of games people grew up with so yes, child, you are a tool... and i am old??? HAHAHHAHAH

Obama3765d ago

So far I have only seen bots complaining about the game. This will be epic and it's a must buy for every gamer.

brothersimon3764d ago

id rather play gow2 or even lost for that matter.

id even steep as low as uncharted or haze.