PS3 hacking contest is hosting a hacking contest designed to test the security of the PlayStation 3 and the special version of Limux created for it, has opened and will run until January 2007.

From the website:

Hack the PS3 this site is running on, and you will earn:

The PS3 with all its default accessories
(note: the hard disk was replaced with a 160 GB hard disk!), an HDMI cable,Linux (Fedora core 5 PPC + PS3 add-on) preinstalled, of course,The game "Resistance - the fall of Man".

You must do a "clean" hacking job : no DOS, no "dirty" attack which saturate the internet tubes. Moreover, do not attack other machines located in the same subnetwork.

Visit the site for more details

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CyberSentinel4370d ago

Let the open ended, non-unified security exploits begin! You will regret that decision, Sony.

marcusfenix4370d ago

Officially sucks STARTING NOW!!!

Dlacy13g4370d ago

I am not a CPU guru, nor an operating system master. That said, my question is when you install Linux on to the PS3 and run it, does it shut down the PS3's own operating system entirely or partially? And if it only shuts it down partially, then how much of an extra load does Linux present to the PS3 processing power? Please don't flame...I really have no idea how taxing the Linux system is so I am just wondering if this would effect the overall performance level of the PS3?

Sphinx4370d ago

Sony did this so they can try and call the PS3 a computer, like they tried with the PS2, so they pay less import/export taxes and whatnot.

specialguest4370d ago

hacking isn't nessessarily a bad thing. lots of cool stuff came out of hacks. of course there are those who want to steal your vital info and what not, but that comes with the territory of being a PC or PC like. you can't stop hackers, the 360 proved it.

power of Green 4370d ago

#6 hit the nail on the head.

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The story is too old to be commented.