Wii Remote Blows Out Window

Well no, actually it was the spazzy, sweaty-palmed gamer who blow out the window in his house, but the Wii Remote was definitly the tool of glass annihilation.

The gamer, like many before him, says he was just playing when the remote zipped out of his hand and, heedless of the flimsy strap, continued across the room and through the window

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wanderingshadow4347d ago

It was only a matter of time. I wonder how long until someone ruins their TV that way.

USMChardcharger4347d ago

you must have not read last weeks news story. someone already has busted their new 60" HD-TV.

said the strap broke.

Monchichi0254347d ago

wii controls don't kill people....... people kill people. LOL DON'T BLAME THE CONTROL FOR YOUR STUPIDITY!!!!

PS360WII4347d ago

Now I just got done playing for 4 days straight and I never had it even twitch from my grasp. Nor anyone elses I had over. I don't know what these people are doing to get those controllers to do that but I'm sure it involves not having the strap on or getting mad at a game and throwing the controller at something. You'd have to physically let go of the thing. My hands get sweaty too but it never effected my grip on it

USMChardcharger4347d ago

but if the straps broke then that is not the owners fault. This has to be a possiablity and will more than likley happen from time to time.

now if these are little kids (which the 60" tv story posted last week was not) then that could be the problem.

despite what i tell my children how to do something correctly, they simply forget in a matter of a few seconds some times. (they are kids and kids are not always responsiable. that is why the live with parents and not on their own).

point i am making is they may not be using the strap.

also their hands and wrist are small...some small framed adult females may also have the strap slip right off too.

important...move tv away from window...especailly if you live in a building a few floors up.

news story: family killed by flying video game controller while on their Sunday afternoon stroll...are consoles safe or should they be banned from the world.

Odiah4347d ago

What a fool. He doesn't deserve anything nintendo. I'm glad he broke his window, that will make it easier for me to break in and take his wii :P

ChickeyCantor4347d ago

XD dude thats just wrong XD

spartan112g4347d ago

He either didnt have his strap on or was acting stupid.

USMChardcharger4347d ago

So if the strap broke he is an idiot?

not trying to be an a$$, but you are not considering all the possiblites.

and i made this point above...what if you are small enough framed that the strap is too big for you besides the strap just breaking...

i have never tried the controller, so i don't know if this could happen. i am just looking at it from all angles.

which if you call some one an idiot for are not.

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The story is too old to be commented.