Socom Confrontation : new Screens and two video published new screenshots and two video of Socom Confrontation.

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achira3816d ago

cant wait for this game. graphic is awesome. didnt expect it to look so gooood.

Dmack793816d ago

I can't wait to clan battle on this game!

Crazyglues3816d ago

familiar with this game... can someone tell me what it's game play is like.

is it like COD4, or more like MGO.. never played 1 or 2 but this one is looking really cool, might have to get this just for the headset.

But I just wonder what kind of game style is it like?

AscendedConservative3816d ago

socom is neither like COD4 nor MGO. it is in a league of its own. it highly derives its glory from the requirement of using TACTICS to defeat your opponent(s). it's not a really a simple run and gun game like COD4 or is it a clunky TPS like MGO. although, you can try to run and gun in socom to get some kills, in the end you will be defeated by those that use tactics against you. teamwork, flanking, cover fire, strategery, anticipation etc. are all key to being good at this game. also, socom has always given you the choice of playing FPS or TPS mode. a very good option since FPS mode is good for some parts in some maps while TPS is better for other places. i guess it all boils down to the realism. socom has always been focused on realism. you don't regen your health, recoil is good, etc. anyways, as you can tell, i am a socrackfiend...

-ascended conservative

Crazyglues3816d ago

I guess I'll get this game... sounds cool

tudors3816d ago

definatly good enough for a multiplayer game, I played my friends PS3 today, quite liked it, I do prefer the Xbox-360 dash though, had a quick go on MGS4 but didn't have time to get into it, graphics wise I would say the Xbox-360 and PS3 are about on par.

Milky3816d ago

Naa the dashboard feels like it is in your face too much and is messy compared to XMB IMO. And I think Uncharted/MGS4 show which console is graphically superior.

El_Colombiano3816d ago

I'm sorry, but they are not on par, the PS3 does have an edge.

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