Top 10 Download Only Xbox One Games (Year One)

The power of X is strong in this one. It's hard to believe that the Xbox One has been out for a year already. To honour the occasion, I put together this list of the best download only games that have been released since launch. Be sure to check out last week's PlayStation 4 list since it may include some Xbox One games that didn't quite make this list.

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christocolus1517d ago

d4, dance central and outlast are really amazing games

PlayableGamez1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Child of Light is a bit underrated game. I don't see that kind of game being a top seller to the Xbox audience.

GusBricker1517d ago

Download only, not just Xbox One.

Strider, Outlast, etc. are also on PS4, etc.

PlayableGamez1517d ago

I am surprised Killer Instincts is not on there.

ghostface91517d ago

season 1 was sold in retails

ghostface91517d ago

how the list should have went

1. super time force
2.peggle 2
3. d4
4. outlast
5. guacemelee
6. valiant hearts
7. strider
8. child of light
9. max curse of brotherhood
10. trials fusion

Killer Instinct would be on number one but they sold a retail copy of season 1

VideoChums1517d ago

Max is a great game! Probably would be #11.

Trials is on disc so it doesn't apply.

Also, Child of Light made it on the PS4 list: