Limbo Xbox One Coming To Early Adopters For Free

Limbo is coming to Xbox One, and it will be free for Xbox One early adopters.

Rumors appeared recently that PlayDead's puzzle platformer would be heading to Xbox One earlier this month. Now a message is being sent those who jumped on the Xbox One boat early that a download code will be delivered to them soon allowing them to download the game for free.

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maniacmayhem2996d ago

Loved this game, I can't wait to play these guys next game Inside. Looks every bit as creepy and moody as Limbo.

Foehammer2996d ago

Limbo got great reviews

This is what I like about MS, they're for the gamer, a gamer's friend

Thx MS

donthate2996d ago

and people complained about the other MS freebies like free rentals and art asset with a drawings!

MS is indeed a gamers friend this generation, and not just saying they are. They show it compared to the competition! :D

WeAreLegion2996d ago

Can we knock it off with the troll accounts? Nobody thinks like this in real life and isn't locked up in a hospital.

That being said, I'm glad they're doing this. It's cool. Why isn't it cross-buy though? If you bought it on 360, you should get it on XBO.

yarbie10002996d ago

@WeAreLegion - why isn't TLOU a cross gen buy?
Why isn't GTA V a cross gen buy
Why aren't all the games you owned on PS3 avail on PSNow cross-gen buy?

redwin2996d ago

Thank you Xbox. I recommend the xbone to my friends 3 months ago and my friends are enjoying it, today if someone asks again I'll give an emphatic thumbs up.

ginsunuva2996d ago

How many accounts did you use to give yourself agrees?

plmkoh2996d ago


That's some dumb examples, did you just compare AAA HD remasters to previous gen versions?

Limbo isn't a remaster, it's a straight port. And games like that are cross-gen on the PS4 from the PS3 such as Journey, Unfinished Swan, Soundshapes, Hohokum.

WeAreLegion2996d ago

1) Those are full AAA games. Are you high?

2) Yes, PS3 games you own will be free on PS Now for PS4 and Vita. Or did you not know that? They're already free on the PS3's PS Now beta. Sony is adding support for that on PS4/Vita soon.

mikeslemonade2995d ago

This game has been free several times and I've played it several times. Whatever. And really.. Someone has this game in their top 10 all-time..

Nirvana315912995d ago

This was free on PS plus almost a year ago. Just saying...

BadlyPackedKeebab2995d ago

FFS both of these companies only do what they need to do at a given time. They do nothing because they are nice or whatever. They do everything because it is competitive for them to do so. Understand this and stop fanboying. Fanboys are a license for console makers to take the p*ss. Free, rational thinking keeps them in check.

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XboxOneX2996d ago

Xbox is amazing and i am so glad that they are giving me LIMBO. Thank you XBONE.

lemoncake2996d ago

when I first saw it I thought it looked good, then I played it and it was very good, will be nice to get it on the new box especially since I get it free.

Pogmathoin2996d ago

Sweeeet, was made for moments like this!

Svinya2996d ago

Limbo and TLOU were two of my favorite games of last gen. That says something when an arcade title has such an impact.

FITgamer2996d ago

My favorite indie game. Good deal for those haven't played it.

NuggetsOfGod2996d ago

Xbox is making a great turn around. MS is loaded and will bring the games..
They will build 1st party strength more this gen.

Kribwalker2995d ago

ITS ALREADY OUT NOW, got my code at 8:03am pacific this morning

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KingKionic 2996d ago

Hail Lord Phil and the Xbox Family. Shining light on us early kings of xbox one.

jrshankill2996d ago

Anyone who has not played Limbo really should give it a go. It's an awesome little game.

SMcNu7152996d ago

Whilst I know I shouldn't complain... I already bought it in 360 and beat it... Hope they added more to it lol!

GodGinrai2996d ago

sweet. been a few years since I played this.