PC Zone Preview - Crysis: Warhead

PC Zone writes: "Despite the fact that I was playing Crysis Warhead on high settings with a smooth frame rate and barely an ounce of pop up, the guys from Crytek dropped the information that I was playing on a machine they'd bought for the Euro equivalent of £380 pounds.

You see, over the past year they've tamed the beast that is the CryEngine 2 and now I was apparently getting high settings from 2GB of RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT video card. Sure, it's a fairly decent rig, but aspiration-wise it's a hell of a lot more realistic for the average gamer.

Crytek are dead set on taking their game away from the PC elite and turning it into the people's plaything. Viva la Revolution!"

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levy3767d ago

If this is true, then Crysis have become the game with the true next generation graphics. Now, if they are able to make it work on the HD consoles, then Crytek would see a great boost in sales.

edhe3767d ago

Then it needs to be a better product.

I tried the demo and it wasn't engrossing at all...

Crazyglues3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

For one it's been over a year of people trying to get the latest and greatness graphic card you could find, only to find out it can't even run Crysis on high settings.....

Now many people said it was the game programmers fault, I thought no way, I don't think they would do that...

But now, now all of a sudden you can get that sucka to run on a normal PC... Oh really?

So was it that Crysis was just Programmed all wrong and in essence cost us a ton of money because everyone tried to build PC's that could run the thing....

Or is it that they have somehow by some miracle made the game run the way it was suppose to all along...

I'll leave that one for you to decided..? -but I think you already know what I think.