Xbox Live Friends 4.0

Xbox Live Friends is your ticket to friends list glory. It displays all your friends, gamerscores, and achievements in a beautiful Mac OS X interface. See what your friends are doing in a clean, intuitive interface. You can easily add and remove friends, accept or reject friend requests, and even personalize your list by adding real names for your friends.

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xSHROOMZx3764d ago

Or do I have to get on all tha time? can someone let me know plz.

Ri0tSquad3764d ago

It would be nice if they made this for Windows too.

wAtdaFck3764d ago

omg, how could they do this for MAC first?

seeing as OS X is their arch rival, and Windows is their own product...


Caxtus7503764d ago

It's OBVIOUSLY not official dummy :P

It is just some software a person has made.

NOT a Microsoft project lol.

Durffen3764d ago

Just another reason why I want a Mac Book!

fufotrufo3764d ago

WOOOT!! thiss works really nice!! smooth and simple..thanks