Additional downloadable content for Killzone 2

Guerilla Games has just revealed to German site that 2 additional levels will be downloadable via the Playstation Store. These levels, which will be payeable, will form a principal history in margin to that of Killzone 2, in a similar way to that of Half-Life which contains several extensions.

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Antan4370d ago

this is all well and good but it would be nice to see the game before we hear about additional content!!!!

andy capps4370d ago

Why would they release the info to a foreign site when there has been no info released at all from Sony on this game? I'm sure they're working hard on it and trying to get it to measure up to the CGI trailer shown at E3 2005, but to put out this info prior to any info coming out about the game sounds bogus to me.

Rooted_Dust4370d ago

Because the Developers are German.

power of Green 4370d ago

CGI trailer shown at E3 2005 will never happen

Asuka4370d ago

they are not German, they are Dutch

power of Green 4370d ago

Have you seen PlayStation CGI on both PS2 and PS3 the CGI trailer shown at E3 2005 will never happen. You need a powerful system to do that and Lost Oddyessy is the only game that has little difference in CGI and Gamplay.

To put it bluntly PS3 isn't going to be able to use Memory like the more powerful platforms to create such detailed enviroments such as the one in the CGI trailer. Expect Killzone to have RFOM & MotoStorm looking painted walls (paste and play effect), Have you seen the ground in RFOM the rocks look like there drawn-in patterns with blocky out-lines.

DJ4370d ago

the gameplay and CG footage in Lost Odyssey. Stuttering animations, aliasing, etc. Hell, they didn't even try to match the action-packed design of the CG sequences and instead switched to turned-based "let's fight one enemy at a time" gameplay. The graphics looked pretty good in screenshots, but in motion it all fell apart.

power of Green 4370d ago (Edited 4370d ago )

CGI trailer shown at E3 2005 will never happen.

KillZone can never look like the 2005 CGI, PS3 is not capable of it.

But L.O. can be worked on it's not done and you Sony fans always say 360 games run like sh*t and only have 1 charector at once and always being proved wrony! every...single...time.

CGI trailer shown at E3 2005 will never happen.

andy capps4370d ago

PS3 is very capable of delivering graphics equal or better than the CGI trailer at E3 '05. Quit spamming and saying every post that " CGI trailer shown at E3 2005 will never happen." Of course it won't happen, there's no reason to put out the same CGI trailer. But there's a good chance that it will look as good, if not better than the E3 trailer.

FirstknighT4370d ago

"But there's a good chance that it will look as good, if not better than the E3 trailer"

Wow and they're still being suckered!...These are the same guys that said the ps3s launch would be better the 360! Well the ps3s launch is being called the worst in history. These are the guys that said Resistance looks better than GOW. Well Gamepro gave Resistance: 3.25 and GOW a 5.0! These are the guys that believed in all those cgi tricks! You have to give it up to Sony for easily suckering the gullible fanboys!

andy capps4370d ago

Actually, the average for Resistance: Fall of Man is over 9.0 and I believe closer to 9.5. Also, the PS3 did not have the worst launch lineup according to 1UP. The worst launch lineup was actually for the original Playstation, then the Wii, then the Xbox, then the PS2, then the PS3, then the Dreamcast, then the Xbox 360, then the Gamecube, then the N64.

"And not only isn't PlayStaion 3 the worst reviewed launch lineup in recent memory, it's not even the worst in this latest "next-gen" round of launches. Believe it or not, that distinction goes to the Wii, despite having Zelda. Its 20 games combined for a 71.3 average, making it actually the second worst launch next to the PlayStaion. With PS3 coming in at 73.4, that gave the crown to Xbox 360, which averaged 77.3 for its launch library."

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kingboy4370d ago

uuumm !!!isn`t Guerilla games development team from holland?

THAMMER14370d ago

If you have a BR drive you have enough space to add it in from the begining. Why make it a dwn load. Make BR what it is hupd as. The next great thing. RIGHT?

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