Windows 7 date is confirmed

Techradar writes:

Bill Gates may have only just said his goodbyes, but the Microsoft machine keeps on running with the company announcing information about the release of Windows 7.

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TrevorPhillips3861d ago

windows 7 looks great im getting this :)

pharmd3861d ago

geeee i wonder who submitted this?

on topic:
Im thinking by the time this comes out i hope to have myself weened off of windows

Proxy3861d ago

I'd love to ween myself off too, but to many games only run on windows.

I'm using Vista now because I was playing Sins of a Solar Empire, and then I didn't want to reboot to Ubuntu just to surf, so I'm using the good ol' IE7.

wAtdaFck3861d ago

where else are you gonna play your starcraft?

Megaton3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

"Where else are you gonna play your Starcraft?"?

If it means I need to upgrade to an OS of unknown quality, I'll just play it on my Mac. Every Blizzard game I own is on a PC/Mac hybrid CD.

Pornlord3861d ago

How does this look good Agent X? The article says nothing of features or usablity it only says he's gonna try to make the conversion painless, but what do you expect him to say? He's not gonna say "Well, we just decided that we would make this transition more difficult, in fact if you are using an old version of Windows, none of your programs will work and we will be hacking your computer and wiping any hard drives that don't have Windows 7 the month following the launch"? I think not.

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OOG3861d ago

hopfully this one is good and more adaptable with the exisitng hardware and software.....


just make it awesome please.

ravinash3861d ago

...and make sure it works.

I don't want my system telling me I can't turn off my own firewall or save a file when its my system.

shine13963861d ago

isn't this the one where you can use it on a surface?

Vip3r3861d ago

So I take it vista is getting the boot after windows 7 then?

Ramrod3861d ago

no doubt.... and Vista is still new, and I have never had an real issues with Vista... sure it's a system hog, but if you have enough Ram everything is good, I love my Vista.

It's just another damn OS they are going to try and convince everyone they need to buy. Damn MS is getting on my nerves lately.

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The story is too old to be commented.