Battlefield: Bad Company Connection issue for X360 players

We are aware that some X360 players are having issues connecting to the Bad Company servers.
To all Bad Companions playing on Xbox:

We are aware that some X360 players are having issues connecting to the Bad Company servers.

We've been monitoring stats non-stop and are working with several partners to locate any possible flashpoints and eradicate any hostiles we encounter.

Until we are ready to implement a permanent fix, a possible workaround is to turn off your console for approx. 20 minutes before turning it back on and connecting again.

We apologise for the inconvenience to those of you who are experiencing this connection issue.

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TheHater5575d ago

wow, for once it isn't the PS3 version. That is actually a surprise.

Boldy5575d ago

Actually Blademask, WE don't pay for EA servers. They use their own so this "we get what we pay for" does not really have much of anything to do with Live but with EA's servers.

r2kcipher5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

why does microsoft charge u to use ea's servers. do u have to have xbox live to play battlefield?

meepmoopmeep5575d ago

you have to pay for live online gaming no matter who runs the servers

meepmoopmeep5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

actually it does have a lot to do with Live and the EA servers. you pay for Live to play online and if you want to play this game online you need to have a Live subscription. You pay for Live no matter what servers you're using.

Blademask is just quoting the many 360 fans who say they'd rather pay for LIve because its superior and they get what they pay for.

Breakfast5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

What he's trying to say, is that it has nothing to do with MS or Live.

Like when GTA4 (for the ps3) had its server problems. It wasnt PSN's fault, it was Rockstars server, that was the problem.

Paying for Live, or XBL in general, has nothing to do with this.

meepmoopmeep5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

yeah, it has nothing to do with the server issues, true,
but you've still payed for Live if you want to play this game online, issues or not.

cyclindk5574d ago

PS3 version isn't without problems though, loss of sound, freezes, lag (on occasion).

SL1M DADDY5574d ago

I have heard of these issues but they are far and few between. Only real difference here is that people pay for Live and the PSN is free. You can forgive a few issues with a free online service but a pay-to-play service is no good if it doesn't let you even connect. Sorry, but EA and MS need to get this issue fixed ASAP for the sake of those that bought this for the 360. It is a pretty good game online. Glad I rented the PS3 version.

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CyberSentinel5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

...This wouldn't of happened if they used M$ LIVE, like everybody else. (but then they could not control their products with forced sequel sales, when they discontinue online support of last year's title!) The reason it's not happening on Installation 3 is because their aren't enough people playing online. Lemmings are not (Online) gamers.

Ask EA, they will tell you the numbers.

PirateThom5575d ago

At least you can play online with the PS3 version.

Ask EA, they'll tell you the numbers.

Wildarmsjecht5575d ago

That didn't stop you butt munchers from saying it was PS3's fault for MGO beta having issues. Gotta love that spin of yours though...gets every dizzy with its dazzling stupidity.

CyberSentinel5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

...how is that orange box petition going? Oh sorry, I forgot, touchy subject. All online games on M$ LIVE are working fine, this is EA's problem, since they want to host their own servers.

@1.2: Sony decided not make psn one unified service, that's why you need 3 ID's for just one game.

@1.4: Guess how many XboxLive games use multiple ID's? That's right, you guessed it, NONE. Even if psn uses just 1, (which I have no idea if its true or not)...IT'S STILL NOT UNIFIED!

Back to the lab, professor frink.


@1.10: ...because genius...like I said NOBODY is playing battlefield on Installaion3. This is why you ONLY have lag. However real gamers, get their game on, on LIVE...this is why EA has problems. To many players, not enough servers to support LIVE numbers.

@7.1: It's called a beta, something you lemmings wouldn't know nothing about, because Capcom doesn't love you. Go make another character slot in MGO without having to pay for it...Oh that's right, you can't!

So much for free.

Wildarmsjecht5575d ago

So why do we only need 1 for COD and other games? Konami decided to use it's own servers. Get it through your head. Yes, the PSN is unified and you're becoming incredibly desperate if you think we need 3 IDs normally. Clearly, you're done with this argument. Go into the corner.

Ri0tSquad5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

"The reason it's not happening on Installation 3 is because their aren't enough people playing online. Lemmings are not (Online) gamers."

All it matters is that I can go on Battlefield: Bad Company online on PS3 and I'll find someone to play probably without any problems at all while 360 users are having problems. 9.8 million people are registered for the PSN and you're saying PS3 owners (which you call lemmings which is really mature of you BTW) aren't online gamers? Ha, Warhawk says hello.

This game isn't lag free on Xbox Live either.
This lag problem is in the Xbox 360 and PS3 version. The connection issue is only on the 360 version as far as I know.


Although I never experienced lag on the Battlefield BC PS3 demo.

Snukadaman5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

Things must be worst on the ps3...they didnt even have a beta test. I have not even opened my game yet....still busy playing with the outfit... Looks like you guys on top didnt even try playing the game on the ps3...its has worst problems then xbox....love how you guys are clowning but dont know the facts...


The Goulet5575d ago

So if its an xbox game...its the developers fault...but if its a PS3 game with issues it's all PSN and Sony's fault...I see the fanboy logic here...


morganfell5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )


And another thing. You had better check EA's numbers as they include Silver account log-ons as well. However every PSN log-on is a potential player that can run multiplayer...and play it free.

And Snuka you are correct no PSN beta. But then again an open development system makes possibilities of issues less likely. The MO demo was smooth and so far I haven't had a single issue on PSN.

PirateThom5575d ago

You want to know the best thing about the Konami ID?

Even when PSN went down for maintainance, you could still play Metal Gear Online.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl5575d ago

How is not being able to connect worse than lag?!? Even your logic isn't that dumb! No wonder your Daddy left your mamma, it was your fault!

Snukadaman5575d ago

Its obvious both suck but people are coming here acting like its no problems on the psn...bullsheit....why dont you go stick a fork in a outlet kid....one less d!ckhead.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

you said "Things must be worst on the ps3""its has worst problems then xbox" So any normal person would see that means not connecting is better than lag! I do apologize though, your daddy does love you!

Ri0tSquad5575d ago

I did exactly what Snukadaman did. Searched the official forums and found someone having issues with lag on Battlefield BC. It's all there in my last post. Both versions have lag but it's looking like only the 360 version is having connection issues. All of it will be fixed.

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I love video games5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

well ill be. for ONCE the online problem is on xbox. sucks either way though

OSIRUSSS5575d ago (Edited 5575d ago )

Whats going on with Live lately? First the Street Fighter beta problems now this? WOW.

Mutley4165575d ago

I get disconnected on my ps3 has happened twice-